Did the Last 48 Hours Make the Fed More Hawkish?

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  • Did the Last 48 Hours Make the Fed More Hawkish?

Futures are modestly higher following a quiet night as markets bounce following Thursday’s high-rate driven declines.

Economically, UK Retail Sales declined –2.3% vs. (E ) -0.1%, although that’s not making a June cut more likely.

Geo-politically, there are reports Putin will seek a cease-fire in Ukraine, although that’s unconfirmed (it would be a surprise positive if true).

Given the looming long weekend we can expect quiet trading today but there are two notable economic reports:   Durable Goods Orders (E: -0.5%) and University of Michigan Inflation Expectations (1-Yr Inflation Expectations: 3.5%, 5-Year Inflation Expectations 3.1%). As yesterday demonstrated, strong data is “bad” for stocks in the near term so markets will want to see in-line readings or slightly soft numbers on both reports to help fuel a rebound from yesterday.

There is also one Fed speaker and it’s an important one, Waller at 9:35 a.m. ET, but it’s unlikely he’ll say anything surprising (he just spoke earlier this week).

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