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Tom Essaye on “The Bell” Podcast with Kenneth Polcari and Adam Johnson

I was a guest on Adam Johnson’s podcast “The Bell” last week. We talk about the reality of tax reform, tax trade, geopolitics, and the bond market, straight from the NYSE Floor. We were also joined by Kenneth Polcari, Director, O’Neil Securities, director of NYSE Floor. Get a free two-week trial of Tom Essaye’s Sevens Report—everything you[…]

Bullish Gamechanger from a British Pound?

Are British Elections a Bullish Gamechanger for the Pound? April 19, 2017

The Sevens Report is the daily market cheat sheet our subscribers use to keep up on markets, seize opportunities, avoid risks and get more assets.  The pound was the big mover on Tuesday as it surged 2.2% following PM May’s call for elections in June. (As a bit of background, May calling for snap elections[…]

Last Week and This Week in Economics, April 17, 2017

Last Week in Economics – 4.10.17 The two important economic numbers came out Friday when markets were closed, so they didn’t receive much attention, although they should have. Both numbers (CPI and Retail Sales) further eroded the reflation trade thesis and will increase worries the economy is losing momentum. Starting with retail sales, the headline[…]

Trump - Yellen

Did Trump Just Kill The Reflation Trade? April 13, 2017

Did Trump Just Kill The Reflation Trade? An excerpt from today’s Sevens Report. President Trump, in an interview with the WSJ yesterday, appeared to change his policy on the Fed and interest rates. Specifically, Trump said he thought the dollar was getting too strong, that he favored a low interest rate policy, and he was[…]

Syria Political Map

Geopolitical Update: Bearish Catalyst or Excuse?, April 12, 2017

Geopolitical risk has reared its head over the past week, but while the potential military showdowns in Syria or North Korea are the focus of the media headlines, in reality these events aren’t so much direct risks on stocks as they are a reminder of just how priced to perfection the stock market is right[…]