Bear vs Bull

Market Multiple Table: December Update

What’s in Today’s Report: Market Multiple Table December update: Macro improvement, November ISM Services Index takeaways, and more…

Less Bad Isn’t Good (Especially at the Valuations)

What’s in Today’s Report: Less bad isn’t good, Can the S&P 500 hold recent gains? More signs of dis-inflation this week?

Jobs Day

What’s in Today’s Report: Jobs day, Signs of slowing growth and inflation are growing, Technical update, and more…

Tom Essaye Quoted in Forbes on November 28th, 2022

In short, Credit Suisse is starting to act like a bank that’s about to go under…analyst Tom Essaye of the Sevens Report said.

Was Powell’s Speech That Bullish? No. Here’s Why.

What’s in Today’s Report: Was Powell’s speech that bullish? No. Here’s why, Jobs Report preview, EIA update and oil market analysis.

Powell Speech Cheat Sheet

What’s in Today’s Report: Three topics to watch during Powell’s speech today, More signs of disinflation, Chart – Has the dollar bottomed?

Current Fed Expectations

What’s in Today’s Report: Current Fed expectations (Print this table/section) VIX chart – getting closer to a bearish signal, and more…