Sevens Report Quarterly Letter

  • Better Communication
  • Stronger Client Relationships
  • More Time for Your Business and Family

We use our expertise – analyzing and writing about the markets – to help you save time and focus on building your client base. And you’ll do that while showing clients and soon-to-be clients, you’re on top of the business with impressive, timely market analysis. We guarantee that your quarterly letter will pass your compliance team review or we’ll refund your money. And the best part is, your quarterly communication will be coming directly from you.

“I value my time at $1000/hr. If this saves me ten hours…you can do the math.”

You can have a template quarterly letter in your hands on the first business day of every new quarter. How?

You let us research it, write it and format it for you.

One way many successful advisors improve communication with clients is by sending them a quarterly letter. But that is not an easy task.

On average, the advisors we spoke to said they spent between four and six hours researching, writing, formatting, editing and proofing their quarterly letter.

If you’re as busy as most of the advisors I know, that is way too much time and stress to devote to a quarterly letter.

That is why, at the beginning of 2018, we produced the Sevens Report Quarterly Letter. We write a quarterly letter from advisors, to clients that our subscribers can then edit, easily personalize, send to compliance and then send to their clients.

That means you can:

  1. Use it “as is.” Meaning, put it on your letterhead, get the approval, sign it, and ship it right out the door.
  2. Edit it as you see fit, using the content in conjunction with your own takes.
  3. Send it to anyone you like: clients, prospects, family and friends.

And, since we send you the content, it can be approved by compliance because it is coming from YOU.

Sevens Report Quarterly Letter template will contain:

  • A macro “look back” at the most recent quarter that will explain what factors drove the market’s performance.
  • Important performance data for major asset classes and various indexes.
  • A look ahead at the coming quarter including general analysis of risks and opportunities (but, no predictions).
  • And, like the Sevens Report, it’ll be well-written, simplified, and brief.

The letter is written in Microsoft Word and comes complete with all the back-up documentation. We make it easy for you to copy and paste into your firm’s letterhead and to easily edit it, if desired. Once you’ve created your own document, it’s ready for compliance review.

We created Sevens Report Quarterly Letter because it takes our strengths – writing, clear, straightforward analysis – and helps our subscribers:

  • Share necessary and relevant market analysis directly with clients
  • Free up more time to focus on clients (existing and new ones) and family
  • Show clients they’re on top of markets, raising client confidence in you, their advisor

Now, we know that some people will read this and think, “It’ll never get through compliance.”

In fact, in the past our letters have been approved by compliance at many firms, including Morgan Stanley, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Raymond James, plus dozens of smaller RIAs.

To facilitate compliance approval, we send all relevant documentation for numbers cited and analysis made in our quarterly letter. All you need to do is send the back-up document along with your quarterly letter on your letterhead to compliance.

In fact, we’re so confident that we can get your letter through compliance that we offer a money-back guarantee if compliance rejects your letter. This methodically researched, professional letter comes at no risk to you!

Begin your subscription to the Sevens Report Quarterly Letter right now. Get the clear, straightforward quarterly analysis that’s client-ready on the first business day of every quarter.