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Extensively researched, compelling independent investment ideas, plus access to a whole new world of experts and industry insiders – all designed to impress clients and prospects and help you outperform.

“I wanted to thank you again for the webinar. You do such a great job of taking complex issues and breaking them down for us advisors to understand. This is very helpful as we speak to our nervous clients. What I appreciate the most is you don’t sugar coat what’s going on in the world today. We as advisors need this type of unbiased information.”


I created Sevens Report Alpha to provide:




The goal is to give you in-depth information on medium and longer-term investment ideas that will help you take advantage of the less correlated market environment we are shifting to right now.

Since we launched Alpha, I’m very proud to say we’ve met that goal by providing consistent, in-depth idea generation that:

  • Outperformed the markets
  • Provided advisors with ideas that are compelling, strategies, and tactics to share with clients and prospects
  • Offered extra value through biweekly webcasts with noteworthy investment experts

Alpha puts you in the driver’s seat in conversations with your clients. You’ll talk to your clients – and potential clients – more confidently and more intelligently about specific market trends and where to invest now.

Clients and prospective clients often ask advisors, “What’s your best idea right now?” Alpha was created to turn that question into an opportunity to impress clients and prospects.

There’s another aspect to Alpha that I find just as engaging and just as important – the access to top money managers.

Twice a month we host a live webinar, giving you a chance to engage in real-time with key industry leaders. Some of these market leaders are managing billions of dollars, so there’s a lot at stake for them. Past guests include Tim Seymour of Seymour Asset Management, famed floor broker Kenny Polcari and Gina Martin Adams, Chief Equity Strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence. It’s a wide range of special guests, CEOs, CIOs of various fund families, high-ranking portfolio managers, top strategists and PhDs from the money management world.

Alpha is 100% committed to helping you outperform with better ideas, better information, and better access to a whole new world of experts and industry insiders.

Use our under-the-radar strategies in your model portfolios; show your clients some of Alpha’s fascinating and largely-unknown methods and strategies. Demonstrate to clients and prospects that you’re hunting for fresh ideas and going above and beyond the rest of the pack.

If you don’t think the upgrade was worth it, no problem – let us know at any point during the first 30 days and we’ll refund your entire subscription cost.

Tom Essaye
President, Sevens Report Research

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