In today’s wealth management industry time is money. Sevens Report helps you save time by providing independent research that cuts through the noise and allows you to focus more time on your clients and growing your business.


We take complex macro-economic concepts (Chinese economic developments, implication of rising interest rates, GDP reports, FOMC statements, etc.) and tell you: 1) What you need to know, 2) Why it’s important, and 3) How it will move markets.


We watch macro indicators to identify tactical opportunities across asset classes that can help you outperform. We focus on medium-term opportunities for tactical investment accounts and look for the big trend changes that can offer months of outperformance.


Thousands of successful advisors use Sevens Report to stay ahead of the markets. Armed with our daily research, they ensure their clients are well positioned and well ahead of any financial storm that may blow up – giving investors the best opportunity to outperform.

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Did Powell Really Get More Hawkish on Tuesday?

What’s in Today’s Report: Did Powell Really Get More Hawkish on Tuesday? And EIA Update and Oil Market Analysis.

The political hope is meeting a financial reality, Tyler Richey told ABC News.

“The political hope is meeting a financial reality,” Tyler Richey, an analyst at Sevens Report Research, told ABC News.

Fed Expectations has hopes for a June rate cut dashed by the hot CPI report

Fed Expectations has hopes for a June rate cut dashed by the hot CPI report and now the market must deal with the possibility of just two — or even fewer — rate cuts in 2024, Tom Essaye, founder of Sevens Report Research, said.

“Intraday market movement matters,” Tom Essaye says.

That’s not what you want to see because what it tells you is you have a bunch of people who own stocks who are looking for an excuse to sell them, Sevens Report Research’s Tom Essaye told Barron’s.

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