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Modeled after morning trading notes, Sevens Report is focused analysis on what matters to the market. Sevens Report triumphs over the information overload financial professionals and self-directed investors face every day.

Sevens Report delivers comprehensive coverage of all asset classes – succinct and easy to read. Every trading day at 7:00 a.m. our independent analysts identify risks and opportunities for:

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  • Currencies
  • Commodities, and
  • Interpret what economic data means for the market.

Sevens Report was created by former NYSE floor trader Tom Essaye: “Our goals are two-fold. First, that you’re never blindsided by a market move and that you never waste time reading lengthy, irrelevant research notes.” With charts, graphs and concise commentary, Sevens Report tracks daily to mid-term market moves. Additionally, we provide actionable ideas and specific investment tactics to help you outperform. Sevens Report is your daily edge over your competition.

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Sevens Report – everything you need to know about the markets by 7 a.m. in seven minutes or less. (If for any reason over the next two weeks you’re not totally satisfied, you can receive a full refund.)

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