Have We Reached Peak Hawkishness?

What’s in Today’s Report: Are we at peak hawkishness? Putting the pullback in 2-Yr Yields in perspective: chart, JOLTS fall sharply, and more.

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Fundamentals Remain Bearish

What’s in Today’s Report: Fundamentals remain bearish, Durable Goods and Consumer Confidence, Chart: Nasdaq holds June lows so far.

Why the U.K. Budget Drama Matters to You

What’s in Today’s Report: Why the U.K. budget drama matters (Hint: spiking yields), Two technical takeaways from yesterday’s new lows.

How Bad Can It Get? (And What Makes It Stop?)

What’s in Today’s Report: How bad could it get and what makes it stop? Can the June lows hold? Does economic growth stay resilient?

Tom Essaye Quoted in Barron’s on September 20th, 2022

Tomorrow’s FOMC decision will likely either further pressure stocks… or offer some relief to markets that…wrote Sevens Report’s Tom Essaye.

Sevens Report Analysts Quoted in Market Watch on September 20th, 2022

We continue to believe that the oil market is in the process of finding its footing, However, a…said analysts at Sevens Report Research.

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Three Reasons the June Lows Could Hold

What’s in Today’s Report: Three reasons the June lows could hold, Understanding Japan’s currency intervention, and more…