Tom Essaye quoted in CNBC

“Markets always assumed the March 1 trade deadline was flexible, but this just confirmed it,” Tom Essaye, founder of The Sevens Report, wrote in a note. “Bottom line, the fundamentals are roughly balanced right now as there is…”

Sectors to Buy If This is A ’15/’16 Repeat

Sectors to buy if this is a ’15/’16 repeat, why are global central banks turning dovish? (and is it a good thing?), what’s next for oil, futures are moderately weaker as concerns about global growth rise following more weak EU economic data and more.

Repeat of 2015/2016?

Repeat of 2015/2016, futures are slightly lower as Trump’s SOTU was a non-event for markets, looking ahead to today’s Wall Street session we are likely to see more digestion as there are limited catalysts and more.

Tyler Richey, co-editor of Sevens Report Quoted in MarketWatch

Tyler Richey, co-editor of Sevens Report shares his view on weaker dollar, solid January jobs data, oil, and more with MarketWatch on February 4, 2019.

Tom Essaye appeared on TD Ameritrade Network

Tom Essaye appeared on TD Ameritrade Network on February 4, 2019. In conversation with Ben Lichtenstein about market, tech, U.S./China trade and more.

Tom Essaye Quoted in Bloomberg

Tom Essaye Quoted in Bloomberg on February 3, 2019. His take on S&P 500, earnings and more.

An Old Wall Street Indicator

Why an “Old Wall Street Indicator” isn’t so optimistic this year, Citi’s bullish call on copper, futures are trading higher with EU shares this morning earnings, today, there is one economic report to watch: ISM Non-Manufacturing Index (E: 57.1) and there are no Fed officials scheduled to speak and more.