Bull Case vs. Bear Case Part II (Tactical Ideas and My Opinion)

What’s in Today’s Report: Bull case vs. the bear case part II (Tactical ideas and my opinion), and more…

Market Multiple Table Chart

What’s in Today’s Report: Market Multiple Table chart, Update on Credit Suisse, and An important difference between now and 2008.

Bear vs Bull

Market Multiple Table: March Update

What’s in Today’s Report: Market Multiple Table – March update, February CPI takeaways, and a breakdown in the energy markets: Oil update.

Tom Essaye Quoted on Yahoo on March 13th, 2023

Sevens Report analyst Tom Essaye told Forbes the selloff following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse and a similar collapse by crypto bank…

Is the Fed Really Going to Turn That Dovish?

What’s in Today’s Report: Why did the Nasdaq rally yesterday? Is the Fed really going to turn that dovish? Charts: 2-Yr Note Yield plunges.

BNN Bloomberg logo

Tom Essaye Interviewed on BNN Bloomberg’s Morning Markets on March 10th, 2023

Tom Essaye, founder and president of Sevens Report Research, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the latest movements in the markets after…

Tom Essaye Quoted in Forbes on March 10th, 2023

The broad selloff was undoubtedly an unwelcome reminder of the 2008 financial crisis, says Sevens Report analyst Tom Essaye.