Tom Essaye on “The Bell” Podcast with Danielle Dimartino, author of FED UP

Thanks to Adam Johnson of BullseyeBrief.com for having me on “The Bell” podcast. This week we talked about oil, the healthcare bill, and the seemingly endless rise of stocks. We were also joined by author Danielle Dimartino, who told us a little bit about her new book FED UP, which talks about some major flaws she noticed during her[…]

US Capitol

Healthcare Vote: Macro and Micro Implications, March 23, 2017

Join hundreds of advisors from huge brokerage firms like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Advisors, Raymond James and more… see if the Sevens Report is right for you. The healthcare vote in the House later today will have an effect on stocks in the short and long term, regardless of the outcome, so I[…]

Transports low - a warning from dow theory

A Potential Warning Sign from Dow Theory, March 22, 2017

An excerpt from today’s Sevens Report (the Sevens Report is everything you need to know about the markets, in your inbox by 7AM in 7 minutes or less). The price action this week has made us more cautious on this market from a technical standpoint (we’ve been cautiously positive fundamentally for some time). And the[…]

Sevens Report - The Case for Europe

The Case for Europe, March 21, 2017

The Case for Europe, an excerpt from today’s full Sevens Report. Join hundreds of advisors from huge brokerage firms like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Advisors, Raymond James and more… see if The Sevens Report is right for you with a free trial. For the past several weeks, I’ve been consistently mentioning Europe as an[…]

Sevens Report - Last Week and This Week

Economics, This Week and Last Week, March 20, 2017

Every Monday in the Sevens Report, you’ll find a review of last week and a preview of this week. Sign up for your free trial today and start each week “sevens strong.” Last week was generally “Goldilocks” from an economic data and Fed standpoint, as economic data continued to be buoyant while the Fed successfully[…]

Oil Rig - Oil Report was Bearish

Oil Outlook: Getting More Bearish, March 15, 2017

Why the Monthly OPEC Report Was Bearish Oil An excerpt from today’s Sevens Report—get a free 2-week trial of the report with no commitments. Oil remains the big story, as its early morning sell-off to multi-month lows prompted a pullback in stock futures, and ultimately the major US equity indices opened lower. WTI futures finished[…]

Jobs Report

What to Expect in Tomorrow’s Jobs Report. March 9, 2017

Jobs Report Preview: For notable releases like tomorrow’s jobs report, the Sevens Report offers a “Goldilocks” outlook to give a few different scenarios: too hot, too cold, and just right. This gives our subscribers clear talking points to explain the importance of the report to clients and prospects clearly and without a lot of jargon. As always,[…]