Small Cracks in the Three Pillars of the Rally?

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What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Small Cracks in the Three Pillars of the Rally?
  • Weekly Market Preview:  Can the Ideas of A Dovish Fed and Economic Soft-Landing Power Stocks to 2023 Highs?
  • Weekly Economic Preview:  Key Inflation and Growth Data This Week

Futures are slightly lower after a mostly quiet weekend as Chinese growth worries offset geo-political positives.

Chinese industrial profit growth slowed to 2.7% in Oct vs. 11.9% in Sept and that data combined with news of a quickly spreading respiratory illness in China is weighing on growth expectations.

Geo-politically, the Israel-Hamas cease fire will likely be extended several days and that’s easing geo-political tensions and oil is falling as a result (down more than 1%).

This week contains several potentially important catalysts on inflation and economic growth, but they come later in the week. So, focus today will be on holiday spending commentary and New Home Sales (E: 721k).  Positive commentary on spending and Goldilocks data would help support stocks.

Three Pillars of the Rally?

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