What Does Reflation Actually Mean for the Economy-

What Does “Reflation” Actually Mean?, July 7, 2017

What Does “Reflation” Actually Mean? One of the reasons I started the Sevens Report more than five years ago was because I hated the overuse of jargon by analysts and commentators. Frankly, markets and economics are not particularly complicated topics. There are a lot of variables involved, so getting the future right is difficult. However,[…]

Jobs Report Preview

Goldilocks Jobs Report Preview, July 6, 2017

Goldilocks Jobs Report Preview: What Will Make the Report too Hot, too Cold, or Just Right? Given the Fed’s newfound confidence in inflation and economic growth, the bigger risk for stocks will be if tomorrow’s number comes in “Too Cold,” and further implies the economy is losing momentum into a hiking cycle. However, while a[…]

Weekly market cheat sheet - sevens report

Weekly Market Cheat Sheet, June 26, 2017

The Sevens Report is the daily market cheat sheet our subscribers use to keep up on markets, leading indicators, seize opportunities, avoid risks and get more assets. Get a free two-week trial with no obligation, just tell us where to send it. Last Week in Review: For a second-straight week, we got underwhelming data and[…]

QE policy

Why “Credit Impulse” Matters to You, June 21, 2017

Credit Impulse Explained: There are many analysts and investors who believe that the entire ’09-’17 stock rally is nothing more than the result of a historic, globally coordinated credit creation event from the world’s major central banks. Put in layman’s terms, every major central bank in the world has done QE at some stage over[…]

s&p - Earnings Season Post Mortem & Valuation Update

Earnings Season Post Mortem & Valuation Update, May 9, 2017

The Sevens Report is everything you need to know about the market in your inbox by 7am, in 7 minutes or less. Claim your free 2-week trial. The S&P 500 has been largely “stuck” in the 2300-2400 trading range for nearly 10 weeks, despite a big non-confirmation from 10-year yields, modestly slowing economic data and political disappointment.[…]

Last Week and This Week in Economics, April 24, 2017

This Week/Last Week in Economics is a feature each Monday in the subscriber Sevens Report. Sign up for a totally free (no-credit-card required) two-week trial of the Sevens Report to get everything you need about the markets in your inbox by 7am each morning.   Last Week in Economics – 4.17.17 April economic data started[…]

Last Week and This Week in Economics, April 17, 2017

Last Week in Economics – 4.10.17 The two important economic numbers came out Friday when markets were closed, so they didn’t receive much attention, although they should have. Both numbers (CPI and Retail Sales) further eroded the reflation trade thesis and will increase worries the economy is losing momentum. Starting with retail sales, the headline[…]

Syria Political Map

Geopolitical Update: Bearish Catalyst or Excuse?, April 12, 2017

Geopolitical risk has reared its head over the past week, but while the potential military showdowns in Syria or North Korea are the focus of the media headlines, in reality these events aren’t so much direct risks on stocks as they are a reminder of just how priced to perfection the stock market is right[…]

Time to invest in emerging markets, tom essaye

Time to Buy Emerging Markets? March 29, 2017

The Case for Emerging Markets, an excerpt from today’s Sevens Report. Everything you need to know about the market in your inbox by 7am, in 7 minutes or less. As expectations for a pro-growth policy based reflation trade (i.e. the Trump trade) fade here in the US, one potential beneficiary is emerging markets. The sector[…]

How Many Rate Hikes in 2017? Last Week and This Week: March 5, 2017

The Economics excerpt from today’s Sevens Report, which focuses on the most important financial news and takeaways for investors, financial advisors, and CPA’s, last week and this week. Last Week: The major takeaway from the economic data and Fed speak last week is that because of continued strong data and hawkish Fed speak, a March rate hike[…]