Why the Sintra Comments Were Slightly Hawkish

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Why the Sintra Comments Were Slightly Hawkish (And What They Mean for Markets)
  • Clarifying the “Growth On” Trade vs. “Growth” Style

Futures are modestly higher after all 23 U.S. banks passed the Fed’s annual stress tests.

The 23 largest banks in the U.S. passed the Fed’s annual stress tests, and while none were expected to fail, the fact that there were no negative surprises is a general positive for the banking sector and financials.

Economically, Euro Zone Economic Sentiment, was basically in-line with expectations and isn’t moving markets.

Today focus will be on economic data, and the key reports today are:  German CPI (E: 6.3% y/y), Jobless Claims (E: 270k) and Final Q1 GDP (E: 1.4%).  Markets have priced in “Immaculate Disinflation” so inflation needs to continue to fall everywhere (including Germany), while markets also need to see jobless claims gradually rise (a big spike in claims would be a negative) to keep to bullish momentum going.


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