What Can Stop This Selloff?

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  • What Can Stop This Selloff?
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Futures are moderately higher on a small reduction in geo-political tensions and better than expected inflation data.

Geo-politically, Israel moved forces into Gaza over the weekend but the operation isn’t as large as feared (yet) and that’s helping to slightly reduce geopolitical anxiety.

On inflation, Spanish CPI rose 3.5% vs. (E) 3.8%, providing another reminder that global inflation is declining.

This week will be a very busy one as we get a Fed decision and important economic/inflation data, as well as the final “big” week of earnings.  But, it starts slowly as there are no economic reports today, so focus will be on earnings and some important reports today include:  MCD ($3.00), WDC ($-1.87), ON ($1.35), SOFI ($-0.07), ANET ($1.58).

What Can Stop This Selloff?

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