Nvidia Has Been The ‘Poster Child’ Of AI Enthusiasm

Nvidia Has Been The ‘Poster Child’ Of AI Enthusiasm: Tom Essaye Quoted in Bloomberg Featured on Yahoo Finance

Tech Up in Late Hours on Nvidia’s Bullish Outlook: Markets Wrap

“Nvidia has been the ‘poster child’ of AI enthusiasm because NVDA makes the type of semiconductor chips that power generative AI and demand for those chips has gone through the roof,” said Tom Essaye, founder of The Sevens Report. “The AI-driven rally in the ‘Mag Seven’ is largely justified by the fact that they’re making a lot more money than they were previously.”

While Nvidia is the proverbial “picks and shovels” of the “AI gold rush”, other big-tech companies such as Microsoft Corp., Meta Platforms Inc., Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Apple Inc. have also seen large stock rallies as investors expect these companies to harness the power of generative AI to boost profits, Essaye noted.

“Has the AI mania gone too far and are we looking at a bubble situation?” Essaye said. “Based on what most of us think about typical bubbles, the answer is ‘no’ they are not in a bubble.”

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