Market Multiple Table Chart

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Market Multiple Table Chart
  • What Fed Speak Means for Markets (Yesterday and Today)

Futures are little changed following a mostly quiet night and ahead of the ECB decision and Powell Q&A session.

The Reserve Bank of Australia signaled it will slow the pace of rate hikes going forward but gave no insight into its “Terminal Rate.”

Economically, Japanese GDP slightly beat estimates (3.5% vs. (E) 3.0%) but that’s not moving markets.

Today’s focus will be on Powell (9:10 a.m. ET) and the ECB (75 bps hike), and any hint of “peak hawkishness” from Powell or the ECB will be a positive catalyst for markets (and no hints of it will likely be a headwind on stocks).  Outside of Powell and the ECB, we also get Jobless Claims (E: 240K) and there’s one Fed speaker, Evans (12:00 p.m. ET), but neither of those should move markets.