Did Powell Really Get More Hawkish on Tuesday?

What’s in Today’s Report: Did Powell Really Get More Hawkish on Tuesday? And EIA Update and Oil Market Analysis.

What Is Happening With Oil?

What Is Happening With Oil? Oil collapsed further yesterday, dropping all the way to the low-$81 level. We and others have been pointing to the decline in oil as a potentially worrisome sign about the state of global growth, but you don’t have to work on a physical oil desk to figure out that, with […]

What is the Fed’s Labor Market Conditions Index?

Follow this link to learn more about the Labor Market Conditions Index: What is the Fed’s Labor Market Conditions Index?

Your Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet

Last Week The focus of the global economy shifted entirely to Europe last week, and the continued lackluster economic numbers were among the main reasons we saw such massive volatility and selling in risk assets. At the moment, U.S. and Chinese data are firmly in the backseat (barring any major disappointments). Specifically within Europe, focus […]

What Happened to JNK?

What Happened to JNK? Perhaps the most unnerving thing I saw yesterday was the big drop in JNK and rally in EUM. Given what the Fed did Wednesday, that is the exact opposite of what should have happened. And, this tells me yesterday’s sell-off was a lot more about escalating concerns about Europe and growth […]

The FOMC Minutes Explained

FOMC Minutes The minutes were obviously dovish, given the stock market surge, dollar decline and bond rally. They were taken as dovish for three primary reasons: First, the FOMC voiced considerable concern about the state of the global economy and the potential negative impact on our economy. Second, the strengthening dollar was expressly cited as […]

Outside Reversal in the S&P 500

The S&P 500 posted a bullish “outside reversal” on the daily chart today and closed back above the 100 day moving average which is also quite bullish. To read more about what today’s session means for the market, simply sign up for a free trial on the right hand side of this page.