Did Powell Really Get More Hawkish on Tuesday?

What’s in Today’s Report: Did Powell Really Get More Hawkish on Tuesday? And EIA Update and Oil Market Analysis.

Tom Essaye Closing Bell Interview 10.8.14

Tom Essaye discusses the outlook for Europe on CNBC’s Closing Bell. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000317632 

What is the Labor Market Conditions Index?

Labor Market Conditions Index September LMCI rose 2.5 points in September. Takeaway There was a lot of talk about this number last week, as it is a new publicly published, comprehensive labor market index the Fed used to use internally (it’s been around since the 1970s). It’s comprised of 19 different labor market indicators (all […]

Your Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet

Last Week The were multiple and varied important economic data points released last week, but the general takeaway is this:  While the global economic recovery is clearly losing steam, data in the U.S. consistently show the recovery is not only solid but also gaining momentum. This dichotomy between the direction of the U.S. economy and […]

Is Dis-Inflation a Worry?

Is Dis-Inflation a Worry? Since the surprisingly weak CPI report earlier in September, there’s been a subtle but growing concern about the return of dis-inflation—not in the EU, but in the U.S.  And, recently we’ve seen a fair bit of financial media coverage detailing the fall in market inflation expectations—so I wanted to cover the […]

What the ECB Balance Sheet Means for Stocks and Bonds

The Key to Europe—the ECB Balance Sheet (What It Means for Stocks and Bonds) What Happened:  Part of the reason we’ve seen a rally over the past two days in the Treasury market is because of Europe—specifically the “dud” of the first TLTROs late last week. Not only was demand for the initial offering poor […]

Natural Gas Climbs to 10 Week High

Natural gas futures broke out above resistance on Friday and extended gains today, trading up to a 10 week high before meeting resistance at the 100 day moving average. To learn more about what is next in the natural gas market, simply sign up for a free trial on the right hand side of this page.