Tom Essaye has proposed two unlikely scenarios for Friday’s jobs report

Two unlikely scenarios for Friday’s jobs report: Tom Essaye Quoted in MarketWatch

Two ‘wildcard’ scenarios for Friday’s jobs report

Tom Essaye, founder of Sevens Report Research, has proposed two unlikely scenarios for Friday’s jobs report that are nevertheless worth considering.

In a report shared with MarketWatch early Friday, Essaye outlined his two “wildcard” scenarios — one where jobs growth surprises to the upside, but wage growth slows, and another that is essentially the inverse.

  • “The first potential wildcard to watch today is a jobs report that supports the case for a “no landing” or already-achieved soft-landing, which would be characterized by an as-expected or better-than-anticipated job adds headline, steady or falling unemployment rate, and significant drop in wage growth to suggest suddenly easing inflation pressures.”
  • “The second wildcard to watch is data that suggests the economy is falling into a rut of stagflation with a sharp slowdown in growth that is on the brink of contraction but with still sticky and elevated inflation pressures. A very underwhelming job adds headline, a spike in the unemployment rate, and an unforeseen jump in wage growth would fit the criteria of a stagflationary release.”

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