Tom Essaye Quoted in Big News Network on May 24th, 2023

On a similar note, Sevens Report Research founder Tom Essaye said that “from a technical perspective, there are signs that a potential bottom for the dollar has been formed.” Click here to ad the full article.

Why Is Tech/Growth Rallying So Hard?

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Why Is Tech/Growth Rallying So Hard?
  • Leading Indicators – Data Takeaways
  • Chart: Dollar Index Approaches Key Long-Term Technical Support

Futures are slightly lower as yesterday’s gains are digested while focus shifts to the start of big tech earnings.

Economically, Flash PMI data was mixed overnight with the broader Eurozone figure topping estimates but the U.K. headline badly missing expectations. The Solid Eurozone data is helping shore up recently more hawkish policy expectations for the ECB and that is weighing on EU shares this morning.

Today, the U.S. Composite PMI Flash will be in focus right after the opening bell. The report is comprised of two parts: the PMI Manufacturing Flash (E: 46.5) and the PMI Services Flash (E: 45.5) and investors will want to see some degree of stabilization in the data.

There are no Fed speakers today however the Treasury will hold a 2-Yr Note auction at 1:00 p.m. ET and the results could shed light on the market’s latest policy expectations ahead of next week’s Fed meeting, and weak demand (higher yields out of the auction) could weigh on stocks.

Finally, earnings season is continuing to pick up with: JNJ ($2.22), VZ ($1.21), MMM ($2.34), UNP ($2.75), and TRV ($3.50) reporting before the bell while the big report will be MSFT  ($2.29) after the bell. COF ($3.81) will also report after the close.

Fed Speak and Updated Rate Expectations

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Fed Speak and Updated Rate Expectations
  • CPI Takeaways

Futures are slightly lower following mixed economic data, as markets continue to digest increased hopes for an economic “soft landing.”

Chinese exports declined but fell less than expected (-9.9% vs. (E) -11.1%), offering more “not as bad as feared” news.

Today’s focus will switch to earnings (and that’s true for next week too) and key reports today include:  JPM ($ 3.11), BAC ($ 0.76), C ($ 1.18), UNH ($5.17), WFC ($0.63) and BLK ($ 8.00).  If earnings are better than feared, that should help stocks extend yesterday’s gains.

Economically the focus will stay on inflation with Import & Export Prices (E: -0.9%, -0.7%) and Consumer Sentiment (E: 60.0) while we get another Fed speaker: Harker (10:20 a.m. ET).  As has been the case, anything that implies declining inflation and/or a 25 bps rate hike in February will help stocks rally.

Why Didn’t Stocks Fall on the Ugly PMIs?

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Why Didn’t the Ugly PMIs Cause a Further Decline in Stocks?
  • August Flash PMI Takeaways
  • Dollar Index Hits New Highs: Chart
  • Is there a New “OPEC+ Put” Under the Oil Market?

Stock futures are flat and international markets were little changed overnight as currency and bond markets continued to stabilize with the focus remaining on the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium later in the week.

There were no notable economic reports overnight.

Today, no Fed officials are scheduled to speak leaving the focus on economic data early with Durable Goods Orders (E: 0.5%) and Pending Home Sales (E -2.5%) both due out early in the day.

Beyond those economic reports, there is a 5-Yr Treasury Note auction at 1:00 p.m. ET, and if it is as soft as yesterday’s 2-Yr Note auction, that could result in rising yields which would in turn weigh on stocks ahead of Jackson Hole. However, barring any meaningful moves in the currency and bond markets today, it should be relatively quiet as traders begin to position into Powell’s speech on Friday morning.

Why Yields Have Risen So Sharply

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Understanding Why Longer-Duration Yields Are Rising So Sharply
  • Chart – Dollar Index Hits New Multiyear Highs

Futures declined overnight as NFLX dropped sharply on disappointing earnings (specifically declining subscribers) but a pullback in yields has helped the market stabilize in early morning trade.

Economically, German PPI was the latest hot inflation print as the headline spiked 4.9% vs. (E) 2.3% M/M.

Looking into today’s session, there is a slew of potential catalysts for the market beginning with another report on the housing market: Existing Home Sales (E: 5.86M) and then a busy Fed speaker circuit with: Daly (10:30 a.m. ET), Evans (11:30 a.m. ET), and Bostic (1:00 p.m. ET) all scheduled to speak.

There is also a 20-Yr Treasury Bond auction at 1:00 p.m. ET that could move yields and impact equity markets.

Finally, earnings season continues today with: PG ($1.29) ahead of the bell and TSLA ($2.27), UAL (-$4.15), AA ($2.99), and CSX ($0.38) due to report after the close.

If A Rate Hike Is Expected, Why Aren’t Rates and the Dollar Higher? March 3, 2017

Get the simple talking points you need to impress clients and prospects from the Sevens Report. Here is an excerpt from today’s full report.

If A Rate Hike Is Expected, Why Aren’t Rates and the Dollar Higher? 

If a rate hike is expected, why isn’t the dollar index higher?

That’s a fair question to ask, given two weeks ago there was no expectation of a May rate hike. Then, a week ago, there was no expectation of a March rate hike. Now, a March hike is fully expected.

Yet despite that relatively quick shift, as mentioned the Dollar Index still isn’t materially above 102, and still not close to the recent 103 high. Meanwhile, the 10-year yield is still decently below 2.60%.

The reasons we haven’t seen greater rallies in the dollar or yields are twofold.

First, a rate hike is not a foregone conclusion because of the jobs report next Friday. If it’s disappointing then a May hike makes more sense.

Second, the market still doesn’t believe the Fed is materially more hawkish. So, even if the Fed hikes now, the market still expects just three hikes the remainder of the year, which is what the Fed said in December.

The point is, the currency and bond markets still haven’t fully priced in a March hike yet, nor have they accepted the existence of a “hawkish.” Fed. However, if that jobs number is strong I believe we’ll see further upside in the dollar and yields.

But the big jumps in both will come when the market realizes the Fed is more hawkish than it currently expects, and that likely won’t happen until we see more inflation or proof of actual fiscal stimulus.

Regardless, barring an economic set back the trend higher in the dollar and rates is close to resuming, and investors should be positioned accordingly.

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