Jobs Day

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Jobs Day (An Important Report)

Futures are moderately lower and European markets are down 3% as the Russia/Ukraine war shows little to no signs of actual de-escalation.

Russian forces attacked the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine (and Europe) and a fire broke out at the plant.  The fire has been extinguished, but Russians now control the plant and the episode highlights the increasing chances of regional collateral damage from the ongoing conflict.

Today focus will remain first on the Russia/Ukraine conflict and any headlines about a cease-fire will obviously result in a knee-jerk rally higher (although to be clear no cease-fire headlines are expected today).

Away from Russia/Ukraine, the key event today is the Employment Situation report and expectations are as follows:  Job adds: 390K, Unemployment Rate: 3.9%, Wages: 0.5% m/m, 5.8% y/y.  Especially given geopolitical concerns, the market needs a “Just Right” number to help limit losses this morning, and if we get a “Too Hot” reading (on all three metrics) or a very soft number, expect losses to accelerate.

Finally, we get one Fed speaker today, Evans (8:45 a.m. ET), but he shouldn’t move markets given Powell’s testimony the past two days.