ECB Decision Takeaways (Not Dovish Enough, Again)

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • ECB Decision Takeaways (No Dovish Enough, Again)
  • Updated Oil Outlook

Futures are moderately higher thanks to solid economic data and better than expected earnings.

The EU flash PMI was stronger than expected at 60.6 vs. (E) 60.0, while good UK Retail Sales (0.5% vs. (E) 0.4%) helped offset the soft UK flash PMI (57.7 vs. (E) 61.9).  But, on an absolute basis the numbers were good, and importantly the economic recovery is still on going and has good momentum.

Earnings were good in aggregate overnight with strong reports from TWTR and SNAP, among others.

Today the key number will be the July Flash Composite PMI (E: 63.4) and markets will want “Goldlocks” data.  Specifically, that means strong activity that implies the rise in COVID cases isn’t hurting the recovery, while at the same time, activity that isn’t so strong it makes the Fed think about tapering sooner than expected, or more forcefully.

Earnings season also continues today, and four reports we’ll be watching include: NEE ($0.67), AXP ($1.64), SLB ($0.25), and HON ($1.94).