Why Are Stocks So Resilient (And Can It Last?)

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Why Are Stocks So Resilient (And Can It Last?)
  • Last Week’s Key Event (It Wasn’t Mexican Tariffs)
  • Weekly Market Preview (Four Big Events This Week, Not Just the Fed)
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet (All About the Fed)

Futures are fractionally higher following a weekend full of  articles on trade and the Fed but none of them shifted the current market outlook.

There were multiple stories on U.S./China trade and they were mixed (some positive, some negative).  The bottom line remains that the best hope for the G-20 summit is a resumption of negotiations and promises of no new tariffs.

There was no notable economic data over the weekend.

The Fed meeting is just over 48 hours away so barring any major surprises on U.S./China trade, markets should be relatively calm into that meeting.

But, that said, there is an important economic report today, Empire Manufacturing (E: 10.0), which will give us the first look at economic activity in June and this report could confirm or deny the U.S. economy is again losing positive momentum, although it’ll take a big miss or beat vs. expectation to materially move stocks.