What Would Make the Fed Less Dovish?

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  • What Would Make the Fed Less Dovish?

Futures are little changed following mixed economic data that showed higher inflation and underwhelming growth.

Inflation stats could be set to rise as Chinese PPI surged 4.4% vs. (E) 1.7%, and this could be the first of several higher than expected global inflation readings.

Economically, German Industrial Production missed estimates (-1.6% vs. (E) 1.5%)  but the reading isn’t moving markets.

Today the key number is the Core PPI (E: 0.2% m/m, 2.7% y/y).  Markets are expecting an uptick in inflation metrics so a slightly hot number shouldn’t move markets too much, although a much stronger than expected PPI reading will likely send the 10 year yield higher and that would be a headwind on stocks. There is also one Fed speaker, Kaplan (10:00 & 12:00 p.m. ET), but he shouldn’t move markets.