Tom Essaye Quoted in Market Watch on June 23rd 2022

Don’t trust the stock-market bounce until S&P 500 is back above 3,800: analysts

Since the beginning of last week, 3,800 has become a new ceiling for the S&P 500 as sellers have repeatedly stepped in and overwhelmed the tentative, weakhanded bids…said Tom Essaye, founder of Sevens Report Research, in a Thursday note. Click here to read the full article.

What Would A Recession Mean for Markets?

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  • What Would A Recession Mean for Markets?

Futures are moderately higher thanks mostly to momentum from Thursday’s close and despite more underwhelming economic data.

Economically, UK Retail Sales met expectations but fell sharply (–4.7% yoy) while the German Ifo Business Expectations Index missed estimates (85.8 vs. (E) 87.3).

Geo-politically, Russia continues to advance in the Donbas as Ukraine has withdrawn from the city of Severodonetsk.

Today focus will be on the inflation expectations in the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, and if we see a decline below 3.3% that could further the idea that inflation is peaking (and extend the rally in stocks).  Other data today includes New Home Sales (E: 587K) and one Fed speaker, Daly at 4:00 p.m. ET, but they shouldn’t move markets.

An Important Technical Level to Watch

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  • An Important Technical Level to Watch

Futures are slightly higher despite disappointing economic data and a greater than expected rate hike from another foreign central bank.

June flash PMIs were mixed as the EU flash Composite PMI dropped sharply (51.9 vs. (E) 54.0) while the UK flash Composite PMI slightly beat estimates (53.1 vs. (E) 52.7).

The Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway) became the latest central bank to hike more than expected (50 bps vs. 25 bps).

Today’s focus will be on economic data via the Flash Composite PMI  (E: 56.3) and Jobless Claims (E: 225K), and the market will be looking for moderation in the data (small declines that imply Fed hikes are working, but not drastic declines that imply economic growth is careening off a cliff).  We also get the second half of Powell’s Congressional Testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, but that shouldn’t yield any surprises.

Finally, oil continues to be one of the most important short-term market influences.  If oil can fall further, that will put a tailwind on stocks.

Is the Yield Curve Signaling an Imminent Recession?

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  • Is the Yield Curve Clearly Signaling an Imminent Recession?
  • Chart: Oil Testing Critical Support

Stock futures are sharply lower with global shares as much of yesterday’s rally is being given back amid a resurgence in growth concerns ahead of Powell’s testimony today.

U.K. CPI met estimates at 9.1% but Input PPI jumped 22.1% vs. (E) 19.4% stoking fears that central banks will have to be even more aggressive to get inflation under control in the months ahead.

There are no notable economic reports today but there are multiple Fed speakers: Barkin (9:00 a.m. & 12:00 p.m. ET), Powell (9:30 a.m. ET), Evans (12:55 p.m. ET), and Harker (1:30 p.m. ET).

Then in the afternoon, there is a 20-Yr Treasury Bond auction at 1:00 p.m. ET that could move yields and impact equity markets.

Bottom line, the focus will be on Powell’s testimony before the House this morning as there has been a resurgence in concerns about global growth in the face of the latest broad shift to more aggressive central bank policy in response to sticky and elevated inflation pressures globally. And if Powell is seen as getting more hawkish, or the market shows signs of losing confidence in the Fed’s policy plans, we could potentially see stocks test the 2022 lows.

Three Keys to a Bottom Updated (Not Good)

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  • Three Keys to a Bottom Updated (Not Good)
  • Weekly Market Preview: All About the Fed
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet: Survey Data in Focus

Global stocks are trading sharply lower and bond yields rose to new multi-year highs overnight amid fears that the Fed is getting more aggressive into an economic slowdown.

In the wake of Friday’s hot CPI report, rate markets are now pricing in a 75 basis point hike by the Fed in the next three months which saw the 10s-2s spread invert overnight underscoring renewed and growing recession worries.

Looking into today’s session, there are no notable economic reports, and no Fed officials are scheduled to speak.

There are two Treasury Bill auctions at 11:30 a.m. ET (3-Month Bills and 6-Month Bills). And while they are typically lesser followed, the results could shed light on market expectations of Fed policy in the coming months and if we see rates continue to surge higher, especially those with shorter duration, then concerns about a more aggressive stance by the Fed will likely keep pressure on risk assets today.

The State of Inflation (CPI Preview and Inflation Expectations Update)

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  • The State of Inflation:  CPI Preview and Inflation Expectations Update
  • EIA Data and Oil Market Analysis (How High Can The Rally Go?)

Futures are modestly higher as markets bounce back from Wednesday’s declines following mixed news from China.

Positively, Chinese authorities may allow ANT Group to IPO, which is another sign China is easing pressure on tech companies. Additionally, Chinese exports handily beat estimates (16.9% vs. (E) 8.0%).

Negatively, Shanghai and Beijing reimposed some COVID restrictions, showing “Zero COVID” remains in effect.

Today focus will be on the ECB Rate Decision, and while no rate hike is expected, President Lagarde is expected to hint that a rate hike is coming in July and another rate hike is coming later this year (if it’s more hawkish than that, that will be a headwind on global stocks).  We also get Jobless Claims (E: 210K) but that shouldn’t move markets.

Three Keys to a Bottom Update

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  • Three Keys to a Bottom: Update
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet: Are Growth and Inflation Both Peaking?
  • Weekly Market Preview: Jobs Data in Focus

Stock futures are moderately lower this morning, tracking losses in EU shares amid renewed inflation concerns.

German CPI jumped to 7.9% vs. (E) 7.5% and the Eurozone HICP Flash rose to 8.1% vs. (E) 7.7% in May. Additionally, the EU agreed to a partial ban on Russian energy imports which has sent oil to multi-month highs, compounding inflation fears this morning.

Looking into today’s session, there are three economic reports due to be released: Case-Shiller Home Price Index (E: 2.2%), FHFA HPI (E: 1.9%), and Consumer Confidence (E: 104.0). Investors will want to see the latter report at least meet estimates as the health of the U.S. consumer has become less certain in the face of lofty inflation pressures.

Finally, there are no Fed officials speaking today but Powell is set to meet with Biden at the White House at 1:15 p.m. ET. And following Waller’s more hawkish comments about suggesting 50 bp hikes until inflation is back at 2% from yesterday, any insight to the Fed’s policy plans after the summer rate hikes, which are solidly priced in, will move markets (more aggressive policy expectations could hit stocks today).

Sector Trends: Relative Strength to the S&P 500

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  • Sector Trends:  Relative Strength to the S&P 500
  • EIA Analysis and Oil Market Update

Futures are slightly higher as incrementally positive macro news offset more disappointing tech earnings.

Nvidia earnings underwhelmed and the stock fell 5% after hours, and that is weighing on tech this morning.

But, not as hawkish as feared in FOMC minutes and the continued reopening of Shanghai offset the soft NVDA earnings.

Today’s focus will be on economic data via the Revised Q1 GDP (-1.4%), Jobless Claims (E: 208K), and Pending Home Sales (E: -1.3%).  Given the recent weakness in other economic data, the market will want to see stability in the numbers to continue to push back on stagflation concerns.

Is the Fed’s Bark Worse than Its Bite?

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  • What the FOMC Decision Means for Markets (Is the Fed’s Bark Worse than Its Bite?)
  • EIA Analysis and Oil Outlook Update

Futures are moderately lower as markets digest Wednesday’s big post-Fed rally following a night of underwhelming economic data.

The April Chinese services PMI plunged to 36.2 vs. (E) 41.1, reflecting the economic damage from lockdowns.  In Europe, data was mixed as German Manufacturers’ Orders missed estimates while UK Services PMI beat expectations.

There are multiple Fed speakers today on financial media outlets (there are no official speeches scheduled) and don’t be surprised if they sound hawkish and push back on the post FOMC rally yesterday (this is especially true for Bullard, whose doing interviews today).

Today’s focus will be on the aforementioned Fed speakers, and again don’t be shocked if they sound “hawkish” and that causes some giveback from yesterday’s rally (but a hawkish tone won’t undo the positives from Powell’s press conference, either).

Economically, there is a BOE Rate decision and they are expected to hike 25 bps.  Domestically, the key report today is Unit Labor Costs (E: 6.8%) as that will give us a good look at total wage inflation (and if it’s higher than estimates that will be a negative).  We also get Jobless Claims (E: 178K) but that shouldn’t move markets.

Economic Breaker Panel: May Update

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  • Economic Breaker Panel – May Update
  • Chart: Copper Breakdown

Stock futures are trading cautiously higher this morning ahead of the Fed while oil prices are spiking after the EU announced plans for a full Russian oil embargo that will be phased in over the next 6 months.

Economic data was mostly in-line with estimates overnight with Composite PMI reports notably holding up better than the recently released manufacturing PMIs which is a modest tailwind for risk assets this morning.

Looking into today’s session, focus will be on economic data early with the ADP Employment Report (E: 398K) due out ahead of the open while the ISM Services Index (E: 58.9) will be released shortly after the bell. The market will want to see firm data that helps contradict the idea that the Fed is beginning to accelerate the pace of rate hikes into an economic slowdown.

From there, price action should begin to slow as the Fed comes into focus with the FOMC Announcement (2:00 p.m. ET) and Fed Chair Press Conference (2:30 p.m. ET) in the afternoon. A more hawkish than expected Fed could send stocks back down to test Monday’s lows while a not-as-hawkish-as-feared announcement/press conference would open the door to a relief rally back towards 4,300.

On the earnings front, there are a few notables today including: MRNA ($5.18), CVS ($2.14), MAR ($0.94), YUM ($1.07), UBER (-$0.28), and EBAY ($1.03).