Updated Market Multiple Table

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  • Updated Market Multiple Table
  • Contrarian Play: Bullish Breakouts in the Energy Patch

U.S. stock futures are suffering mild losses this morning as investors digest yesterday’s more pronounced sector-rotation money flows amid mixed economic data with focus turning to central bank events over the next week.

Chinese CPI and PPI were slightly firmer than expected in August, while French and Italian Industrial Production figures were underwhelming.

In the U.S., the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index was a mild disappointment at 103.1 vs. (E) 103.5 mostly due to declining growth expectations.

The mixed economic data, however, was not enough to materially affect investor sentiment and therefore is only having a modest impact on price action this morning.

Today, there is just one economic report to watch: July JOLTS (E: 7.311M) and there are no Fed officials speaking as they are in their “blackout period” ahead of next week’s FOMC meeting.

That will leave investors focused on the recently emerging “rotation trade,” and due to the heavyweight that tech stocks carry in the major indexes, if big tech names remain under pressure today, that will likely be a drag on the broader market.

Tom Essaye Quoted in CNBC on September 3, 2019

“Going forward, the dollar will have a hard time declining unless the Fed gets aggressively dovish, simply because global growth remains lackluster and global central banks are easing policy…” said Tom Essaye, founder of the Sevens Report. Click here to read the full article.

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Tyler Richey Quoted in Bloomberg on July 4, 2019

“From a demand standpoint, the question is will the Fed save the day” or “are we too far gone?” said Tyler Richey, co-editor at Sevens Report Research in Florida. Click here to read the full article.


Mind the Fed Funds Gap

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  • Mind the Fed Funds Gap

S&P futures are slightly lower as this week’s dovish rally to new all-time highs is digested amid further escalations between the U.S. and Iran while economic data was mixed.

The U.S. reportedly called off a retaliatory strike against Iran “at the last minute” overnight which is weighing on investor sentiment but supporting oil prices (Brent +1.60%).

Flash PMIs were mixed o/n with Asian data slightly underwhelming while European data slightly beat expectations. But none of the releases were too far from estimates so the data is not materially affecting markets this morning as investors remain focused on this week’s dovish shift in central bank policies and look ahead to the G20.

Today, there are two economic releases to watch: Flash Composite PMI (E: 50.9) and Existing Home Sales (E: 5.28M). It will be important for the former to remain soft to keep the “Fed Put” alive, but not so bad that the data stokes fears that the Fed is “too far behind the curve.”

Speaking of the Fed, Brainard and Mester speak on a panel together at 12:00 p.m. ET and Daly is scheduled to speak at 12:30 p.m. ET. Given the market’s significant dovish shift in policy expectations this week, investors will be watching closely for any further clues as to when the Fed plans to cut (July?) or by how much (25 or 50 bp?).

Tom Essaye Quoted in Barron’s on June 18, 2019

“Today will likely be dominated by pre-Fed positioning and trading should be quiet, although there’s always the chance we get a U.S.—China trade…” writes Tom Essaye. Click here to read the full Barron’s article.

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Perspective on Yesterday’s Rally

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  • Perspective on Yesterday’s Bullish Catalysts (Draghi’s QE reference, Trump’s tweet)
  • Is ECB QE Bullish for European Stocks?

Futures are little changed following a quiet night as markets digest yesterday’s events (Draghi dovish, Trump’s positive U.S./China tweet) ahead of the Fed later today.

In contrast to the suddenly positive mood on the Street, economic data again was disappointing.  German PPI missed expectations (1.9% yoy vs. (E) 2.2% yoy) as did British Industrial Trends (-15 vs. (E) -12), but neither number is moving markets.

Today is clearly all about the FOMC Decision at 2:00 p.m. ET.  There’s virtually zero chance of a rate cut at this meeting, so the keys to watch will be 1) Whether the word “patient” is removed from the end of the second paragraph (signaling a looming rate cut) and do 2) The dots show no rate hikes in 2020 and 3) A cut in 2019.

If the answer to each of these is “yes” the meeting will be dovish and likely extend the rally. If the answer is “no” to all three it’ll be hawkish and stocks will get hit, and if we get a mixed bag, the reaction from markets shouldn’t be too drastic.


Sevens Report Quarterly Letter

Next week is the final week of the quarter, and we’ve already begun working on the Q2’19 Sevens Report Quarterly Letter.

The Q2 Quarterly Letter will be delivered to subscribers on July 1st.

Volatility returned and investors are now facing multiple risks including: 1) Trade uncertainty, 2) Worries about economic growth, 3) Geopolitical concerns and 4) Shifting Fed policy.

Investors I speak with want to hear from their advisor in this environment. That’s why we’re producing the letter on the 1st business day of the quarter, because we want you to be able to impress clients by sending them your quarterly letter before your competition (and with little-to-no work from you).

Tom Essaye Quoted in Business Insider on June 4, 2019

“The unpredictability of the administration regarding tariffs/trade combined with a late cycle economy and a Fed seemingly on hold makes a 16x multiple…” says Tom Tom Essaye. Click here to read the full article.

Is the “Fed Put” Back?

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  • Is the “Fed Put” Back?

Futures are higher as Tuesday’s “squeezy” rally carried over into international markets overnight thanks to the dovish Fed rhetoric over the last 24 hours and a handful of incremental positive macro developments.

Mnuchin will meet with Chinese officials this weekend and there is growing support by Republican Senators to block Mexican tariffs, both of which are trade war positives.

Economic data overnight was mixed but “goldilocks” as EU composite PMIs were largely better than feared, Eurozone Retail Sales were in line with expectations, while inflation statistics came in light.

Today, focus will be on economic data early with the ADP Employment Report (E: 175K) due out ahead of the bell while the ISM Non-Manufacturing Index (E: 55.8) will print shortly after the open.

There is also one Fed speaker: Bostic (9:45 a.m. ET) and if the general tone remains dovish, this week’s short-squeeze in stocks can continue with the S&P approaching the 2850 area.

However, because the macro backdrop has not materially improved so far this week (again the developments have just been “less bad”), it is unlikely at this point that the move is the beginning of a sustainable, longer term rally.

Updated Market Outlook

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  • Updated Market Outlook (Post U.S./China Trade Breakdown)
  • Weekly Market Preview
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet

Futures are modestly lower following an uneventful weekend as investors digest Friday’s negative trade headline (that U.S./China trade discussions have been suspended).

On trade, there was no new news over the weekend, but several U.S. tech firms have stopped conducting business with Huawei, per the Commerce Department decision, and that’s just further escalating the U.S./China trade conflict.

Economically, there were no market moving reports (Japanese GDP was stronger than estimates but the details weren’t great).

There are no economic reports today but there are multiple Fed speakers, most important of which is Powell (7:00 p.m. ET), although he’s not expected to make extensive comments on policy.  Other Fed speakers today include:  Bostic (8:50 a.m. ET), Harker (9:30 a.m. ET), Williams & Clarida (1:00 p.m. ET).

Given the lack of data and important Fed speak, trade headlines should drive markets today and any formal retaliation by China for the Huawei decision will make the trade situation worse, and likely pressure stocks.


Tom Essaye Quoted in Bloomberg on April 21, 2019

What would it take the push the market to new all-time highs? Tom Essaye quoted on Bloomberg to share his view on the market, U.S. – China trade, Fed and more. Read the full article here.