Sevens Report Technical Analyst Tyler Richey Laid Out The Case For A Looming Pullback For Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Tops $70,000—But Is This Rebound Here To Stay?

Sevens Report technical analyst Tyler Richey laid out the case for a looming pullback for bitcoin as its relative strength index, a tool commonly used by technical strategists to measure the sustainability of a sharp rally or selloff, sits at its lowest level since early February, indicating a potentially “frothy and overextended” market for bitcoin.

Such technical analysis can be “hit-or-miss” for crypto assets, Richey added, considering crypto prices can behave far more erratically than those of other asset classes like stocks and physical commodities, but declining technical backing coupled with elevated prices “should not be sustainable forever,” suggesting $52,000 as a potential first true spot of resistance for bitcoin based on historical data, a backstop nearly 30% below bitcoin’s Monday price.

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