The Yield Curve Just Inverted

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • The Yield Curve Just Inverted (Chart)
  • Did the Tariff News End the Pullback?

Futures are sharply lower as investors digest historical moves in the bond market amid disappointing economic data.

The 10s-2s yield spreads in the U.S. and U.K. inverted for the first time since the financial crisis while the 30-Yr Bond yield hit fresh lows, further stoking fears of a looming recession.

Chinese Industrial Production (4.8% vs. E: 5.7%), and Retail Sales (7.6% vs. E: 8.5%) both missed expectations as did Eurozone Industrial Production (-2.6% vs. E: -1.5%), adding to the downside pressure on global equities this morning.

Today, there is one second-tiered economic report: Import and Export Prices (E: -0.1%, -0.1%) but because it can offer insight on inflation trends, the release could potentially move markets, as if it runs hot, it could further invert the 10s-2s yield curve spread which is one of the key factors weighing on markets today.

To that point, investors will be closely focused on the bond markets today as the historic inversion of the 10s-2s spread and the drop to new lows for the 30-year yield will likely weigh on risk assets as the odds of a looming recession just increased significantly.