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  • Market Multiple Table Chart
  • What Fed Speak Means for Markets (Yesterday and Today)

Futures are little changed following a mostly quiet night and ahead of the ECB decision and Powell Q&A session.

The Reserve Bank of Australia signaled it will slow the pace of rate hikes going forward but gave no insight into its “Terminal Rate.”

Economically, Japanese GDP slightly beat estimates (3.5% vs. (E) 3.0%) but that’s not moving markets.

Today’s focus will be on Powell (9:10 a.m. ET) and the ECB (75 bps hike), and any hint of “peak hawkishness” from Powell or the ECB will be a positive catalyst for markets (and no hints of it will likely be a headwind on stocks).  Outside of Powell and the ECB, we also get Jobless Claims (E: 240K) and there’s one Fed speaker, Evans (12:00 p.m. ET), but neither of those should move markets.

Market Multiple Table: Fork in the Road?

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  • Market Multiple Table: Fork in the Road?
  • S&P 500 Chart: 50-50 Chance of New Lows
  • ISM Service Sector PMI
  • OPEC+ Policy Meeting Takeaways

U.S. stock futures have rebounded from overnight losses amid a steadying bond market and mostly upbeat economic data out of Europe.

Economically, German Industrial Production and Italian Retail Sales were both notably better than feared while the Final Q2 Eurozone GDP came in at 0.8% vs. (E) 0.6%, all of which is helping ease concerns about an imminent recession in Europe.

Today, there is one economic report to watch in the morning: International Trade in Goods (E: -$70.5B) and the Fed will release their Beige Book in the afternoon (2:00 p.m. ET) that could shed some light on the Fed’s current view of the economy and inflation trends ahead of this month’s FOMC meeting.

Additionally, there are a few Fed speakers over the course of the day: Mester (10:00 a.m. ET), Brainard (11:55 a.m. ET), and Barr (2:00 p.m. ET). Investors will be most closely focused on commentary from Vice Chair Brainard with the September meeting coming into view.

Bottom line, if data is generally good, rhetoric from the Fed is not more hawkish than it has been lately, and the bond market continues to stabilize, the S&P 500 should be able to hold the critical 3,900 area. However, a break below would be notable and greatly increase the odds of a retest of the June lows.

Market Multiple Table

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  • August Market Multiple Table
  • Growth and Inflation – Which One Falls Faster? (It’s an Important Question Going Forward)

Futures are modestly higher as markets digest Wednesday’s big rally and following better than expected earnings.

Disney (DIS) posted better than expected earnings driven by theme park performance and strong Disney+ subscriber numbers and that’s anecdotally adding to the idea that the economy remains resilient.

There was no notable economic data overnight and investors are looking ahead to this week’s claims data.

Today focus will be on Jobless Claims (E: 260k) and PPI (E: 0.3% m/m, 10.3% y/y) and the market will want to see continued moderation in the jobs market (so claims slowly drifting towards 300k) and for the PPI to also signal a peak in inflation pressures (so numbers that a better than expectations).  If the markets get those two readings from the data, the rally can continue.

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  • July Market Multiple Table (Important Changes)
  • Weekly Market Preview:  All About Inflation (and CPI on Wednesday)
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet: Important Inflation and Growth Data This Week

Futures are modestly lower following new COVID-related shutdowns in China.

Macau will close most businesses, including casinos, for one week following a COVID outbreak while Shanghai will continue with massive testing, in what is a signal that the “Zero COVID” policy is at least partially still in effect.

Geo-politically, Canada released a turbine to Gazprom (a Russian energy company) and the hope is that will result in increased natural gas flows to Europe in the coming weeks, putting more pressure on commodity prices.

Today there are no notable economic reports and just one Fed speaker, Williams at 2:00 p.m. ET.  Futures are taking the new lockdowns in China somewhat in stride but if headlines imply anything like a repeat of the Shanghai lockdowns of March-May, expect stocks to drop as a result.

Market Multiple Levels: S&P 500 Chart

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  • Market Multiple Levels Chart: S&P 500

U.S. futures are tracking European shares lower this morning amid hawkish money flows ahead of tomorrow’s ECB meeting announcement.

Economically, Eurozone Q1 GDP was revised up to 0.6% vs. (E) 0.3%, bolstering bets that the ECB could raise rates by 50 bp in July which is driving bond yields higher and pressuring equities this morning.

There are no notable economic reports and no Fed officials are scheduled to speak today but there is a 10-Yr Treasury Note auction at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Bottom line, investors remain focused on high inflation and uncertain economic growth right now and if we see rates begin to meaningfully move higher again today, especially in the wake of the 10-year auction, then the S&P 500 test and potentially break down through key near term support at 4,080 today.

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  • Why Stocks Dropped Again (It Wasn’t Actual News)
  • Market Multiple Table – May Update

Stock futures are trading with tentative gains this morning as yesterday’s steep declines are digested after a mostly quiet night of news.

Economically, data overseas was slightly better than feared (specifically Economic Sentiment within the German ZEW Survey) while the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index in the U.S. held steady at 93.2, topping estimates of 92.9.

There are no notable economic reports today but there is a 3-Yr Treasury Note auction at 1:00 p.m. ET and if the results help the bond market stabilize, that could help equities bounce today.

Finally, there are a slew of Fed speakers today including: Williams (7:40 a.m. ET), Bostic (8:30 a.m. ET), Barkin (9:15 a.m. ET), Kashkari (1:00 p.m. ET), and Mester (3:00 p.m. ET). If they collectively strike a “less-hawkish” tone, that could also help fuel a relief rally in stocks today.

Market Multiple Levels: S&P 500 Chart

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  • Market Multiple Levels: S&P 500 Chart

Futures are solidly higher this morning after more strong tech earnings as investor focus shifts to January jobs data.

Q4 results from GOOGL and AMD handily beat estimates, sending both stocks higher by more than 10% overnight.

Economically, the Eurozone HICP Flash rose to 5.1% vs. (E) 4.3% which is rekindling some global inflation concerns.

Today, there are no Fed speakers on the calendar which will leave the focus on economic data including: the ADP Employment Report (E: 225K) and Motor Vehicle Sales (E: 12.6 million).

On the earnings front, we hear from: ABBV ($3.28), MPC ($0.47), TMO ($5.22), and CHRW ($1.85) before the open and FB ($3.78), QCOM ($3.00) and TMUS ($0.16) after the close.

Fed officials have been talking down the January jobs report so far this week, so if today’s ADP report comes in hot, that could cause another wave of hawkish money flows and equity volatility while the prospect of more upbeat tech earnings could see this week’s relief rally continue.

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  • Market Multiple Chart

Futures are slightly higher following mixed economic data as markets look ahead to today’s jobs report.

Markets are looking for any signs inflation has peaked but that was not the case in Europe today as EU HICP  (their CPI) rose 5.0% vs. (E) 4.8%.  Economic growth was also solid (EU Retail Sales beat estimates) so the high inflation number isn’t hitting stocks ahead of the jobs report.

Today focus will be on the Employment Situation Report and estimates are:  Job Adds 400K, UE Rate 4.1%, Wages 0.3% m/m & 4.1% y/y.  Markets will be especially sensitive to a “Too Hot” number as that will further stoke fears of a more hawkish Fed and a “Too Hot” report will hit stocks.  There are also three Fed speakers today, Daly (10:00 a.m. ET), Bostic (12:15 p.m. ET) and Barkin (12:30 p.m. ET) and while they aren’t Fed leadership, if they are “hawkish” and talk about March rate hikes or balance sheet reduction, that will be a headwind on stocks.


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Market Multiple Table: December Update

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  • Market Multiple Update: December Update
  • A Surge in Unit Labor Costs Rekindle Inflation Worries

Equity futures are little changed this morning as investors digest the sizeable rally so far this week with concerns about the Chinese property market offsetting more progress by Congress towards raising the debt ceiling.

Kaisa Group, a large Chinese developer, had its shares halted overnight pending a corporate announcement after a debt deadline passed which has rekindled fears about China’s property market.

Today, there is just one economic report to watch: JOLTS (E 10.4M), but it is a lagging report from October so unlikely to move markets and there are no Fed officials scheduled to speak.

In the afternoon, there is a 10-Year Treasury Note auction (1:00 p.m. ET) that could move bonds and subsequently stocks, however, given the quiet calendar today, it would not be surprising to see the markets digest some of this week’s outsized gains now that the S&P 500 is back within reach of all-time highs.

Market Multiple Table: October Update

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  • Market Multiple Table: October Update
  • ISM Services Index – Takeaways

Stock futures are down more than 1% and bond yields continue to climb higher amid renewed stagflation fears while traders look ahead to this week’s U.S. jobs data.

Economically, data was disappointing overnight as German Manufacturers Orders fell by -7.7% vs. (E) -2.1% in August and EU Retail Sales for the same month rose just 0.3% vs. (E) 0.8%.

Meanwhile, U.K. 10-year Gilt breakevens jumped 10 basis points to the highest since 2008 (above 4%) as surging energy costs add to inflation concerns.

Looking into today’s session, focus will be on the September ADP Employment Report (E: 428K) ahead of the bell while there is one Fed official speaking this morning: Bostic (9:00 & 11:30 a.m. ET). The bond market is continuing to have a significant impact on stocks right now so if there is a spike higher in yields in the wake of the private payrolls print, expect stocks to remain under pressure today.