Key Summer Market Events (Inflation Today, Fed Tomorrow)

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Key Summer Market Events Part 1:  Inflation
  • EIA Analysis and Oil Market Update

Futures are slightly lower following a generally quiet night of news, although on the margin markets are seeing global central banks get less dovish.

On Wednesday, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand had hawkish commentary, while overnight the Bank of Korea hinted at a rate hike before year-end.  Neither the Reserve Bank of New Zealand nor the Bank of Korea will move markets, but the bottom line is we are seeing a global rising tide of “less dovish” central bank policy, and that’s likely to cause volatility as we move forward throughout the year.

There was no market moving economic data overnight.

Today we get several notable economic reports including (in order of importance): Jobless Claims (E: 450K), Durable Goods (E: 0.7%), Revised Q2 GDP (6.5%), and Pending Home Sales (E: 2.0%).  Bottom line, markets will want to see solid, but not “Too Hot” economic data, and if we get that result the data should help stocks rally today.

Was the Strong CPI Report A Bearish Gamechanger?

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Was the Strong CPI Report a Bearish Gamechanger?
  • Inflation Hedge Part 2:  Natural Resource Stock ETFs
  • EIA and Oil Market Update

Futures are modestly lower mostly on momentum from Wednesday’s drop following a generally quiet night.

There was no new inflation news overnight, but investors are cautious ahead of the PPI report this morning, which should be similarly strong to yesterday’s CPI report.

Bitcoin and the entire crypto-currency space is getting hit hard after Tesla (TSLA) announced it would no longer accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and that’s weighing on some of the momentum parts of the market.

Looking forward to today, the key number will be PPI.  Expectations for PPI are 0.3% m/m and 5.9% y/y but if the numbers come in much stronger expect that to send yields higher and to hit stocks, at least temporarily.

The other notable number this morning is Jobless Claims (E: 475K) although that will start to fade a bit in importance as the market views the issues in the labor market as supply based (people not choosing to work) rather than demand based (people not being able to work).

There are also three Fed speakers today Barkin (10:00 a.m. ET), Waller (1:00 p.m. ET), Bullard (4:00 p.m. ET), and any commentary on inflation will be closely watched.

Tom Essaye Interviewed with Yahoo Finance on May 6, 2021

New jobless claims fall to fresh pandemic-era lows

Sevens Report Research Founder & President Tom Essaye joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the latest market action following better-than-expected jobless claims. Click here to watch the full interview.

Is Stimulus the New QE?

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Is Stimulus the New QE?
  • Economic Data:  Jobless Claims Hit a Low for the Recovery

Futures are moderately lower following a disappointing night of earnings.

Super cap tech earnings were fine in general but didn’t meet lofty expectations, and AAPL, AMZN, FB and TWTR all dropped after posting results after the close.  GOOGL was the only major tech stock to rally after earnings, and that tech weakness is why futures are lower this morning.

Politically, it was a quiet night and according to the polls the Blue Wave remains the likely election outcome.

Today there are a few notable economic reports, including Core PCE Price Index (E: 1.7%), which is the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation, as well as Employment Cost Index (E: 0.6%) and Consumer Sentiment (E: 81.2).  But, they shouldn’t move markets unless there’s a major surprise in the inflation data.

Instead, focus today will remain on the latest polls (does the race tighten?  If so that will weigh on stocks modestly) and coronavirus response (do we get more lockdowns?).

What the Fed Decision Means for Markets (Positive but not a Silver Bullet)

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • What the Fed Decision Means for Markets (Positive, But Not a Silver Bullet)

Futures are lower following disappointing headlines on U.S. stimulus progress, combined with profit taking ahead of multiple important market catalysts coming today.

U.S. stimulus bill talks were said to be at an “impasse” late Wednesday, and that’s weighing on sentiment (although this drama is to be expected, as we cautioned last week, and a deal is still very much expected by mid- August).

Economically, German Q2 GDP missed estimates (-10.1% vs. (E) -9.4%), which is a reminder just how much damage was inflicted on the global economy in Q2.

As mentioned, one of the reasons futures are weaker this morning is book squaring ahead of several important economic and earnings events today.

First, the most important economic report of the day is Jobless Claims (E: 1.38M).  We address this more in the Report, but there are growing signs the U.S. economic recovery is pausing or stalling, and that’s not priced into stocks above 3200 in the S&P 500.  If we see another notable increase in weekly claims (say through 1.5M) that will amplify fears the recovery is stalling and likely weigh on stocks.

Then, on the earnings front, we get four of the most important stocks in the market announcing results after the close: AMZN (E: $1.75), AAPL (E: $1.99), FB (E: $1.44), GOOGL (E: $8.43).  The earnings results will be “fine” but these stocks have had huge runs, and if they disappoint vs. elevated expectations, just due to these stocks weights in the S&P 500, it could pressure markets after hours.

Finally, today we will get the initial look at Q2 GDP, and it will be historic as it’s estimated to be -35% seasonally adjusted annual rate (remember GDP is usually around 2% saar).  I never in my life thought we’d see such a number, and I hope we don’t ever see it again.  But, today history will be made as the worst GDP print ever.

Stimulus Update (Progress Is Being Made)

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Stimulus Update
  • Weekly EIA/Oil Market Update (Can the Rally Continue?)

Futures are modestly higher thanks to stronger than expected earnings and progress on the stimulus front.

TSLA earnings beat lofty expectations and the stock rallied after hours, while the rest of the major earnings reports (MSFT/CMG) were generally in-line (i.e. no disasters).

Republicans apparently reached a consensus on their version of next stimulus bill, so progress continues and a new stimulus bill is expected in the next few weeks.

Today the key number will be weekly jobless claims.  There are rising fears that the U.S. economy is plateauing after the recovery in May/June, and if weekly claims move back towards, or through 1.5M, that will likely spook markets and imply that the recovery is stalling.  Regarding earnings, the two reports we’re watching are T ($0.78), AAL (-$6.40), but earnings shouldn’t move markets toda

Reopened vs. Normal

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • What’s Next for the Economy:  Reopened vs. Normal
  • Oil Inventory Analysis

Futures are slightly lower as markets digest Wednesday’s rally and, so far, ignore very soft economic data.

April global flash PMIs were horrible and worse than feared.  The EU composite PMI collapsed to 13.5 vs. (E) 26, the British composite PMI imploded to 12.9 vs. (E) 32, and the Japanese composite dropped to 27.8 vs. the prior 36.2.

The weak PMIs show the scope of the economic damage, and it’s bad, but hope remains for a rebound in the coming months given trend in the virus data, and that’s why these historically bad numbers aren’t causing a deeper sell off this morning.

Focus today will be on economic data, via Jobless Claims (E: 4.000MM) and the U.S. April Composite Flash PMIs (E: 37.5).  If both numbers are not as bad as feared, and combined with the chatter of economic “reopening,” then stocks can extend yesterday’s rally. We also get New Home Sales (E: 632K), although that shouldn’t move markets.

Is Inflation The Next Big Thing? (How to be Positioned)

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Is Inflation The Next Big Thing? (How to be Positioned)
  • OPEC Meeting Preview:  Bullish If/Bearish If

Futures are modestly lower following a generally quiet night as markets digest this weeks’ gains ahead of jobless claims and the Powell speech.

On the coronavirus front, news was again positive as Austria and Denmark became the first European countries to begin to lift coronavirus restrictions.

Economic data overnight was better than feared as German exports and British IP both beat estimates.

Today focus will be on Jobless Claims (E: 5 MM) and the Powell speech  (10:00 a.m. ET).  For claims, it’d be a positive surprise if they declined from last week’s number and that’d add to the good news from this week, while a spike towards 10MM would be a modest negative vs. expectations.

For the Powell speech, markets just want reassurance that the Fed is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure orderly operation of markets, which is what we should get.

Melt Up

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Year-End Melt Up:  Why Stocks Are Rallying Off Recycled Headlines
  • Weekly Jobless Claims:  Retracing the Thanksgiving Spike

Futures are modestly higher yet again following another quiet night of news as the melt-up continues into year-end.

Chinese Industrial Profits rose 5.4% in November, the first gain in three months, and this headline is mostly responsible for the gain in futures this morning.

Other economic data was mixed, as Japanese Industrial Production (-0.9% vs. (E) -1.4%) and Unemployment (2.2% vs. (E) 2.4%) beat estimates, while Retail Sales slightly missed (-2.1% vs. (E) -1.7%).

Today there are no notable economic reports nor any Fed speakers, and if should be a generally quiet day.

Whose Telling the Truth on U.S./China Trade? Stocks or Treasuries?

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • The Current State of U.S./China Trade Negotiations:  Whose Telling the Truth?  Stocks or Treasury Yields?
  • Why A Spike in Jobless Claims Caught Our Attention (Highest Since June)

Futures are marginally higher as the U.S./China trade saga remains the singularly dominant influence on markets.

The commentary overnight was positive as Larry Kudlow said the “mood music” of the negotiations was “pretty good” and a deal is close, although there was no actual new information presented.

Economically there were no surprises as EU HICP (their CPI) rose 1.1%, as expected.

Today there are several important economic reports including (in order of importance):  Retail Sales (E: 0.2%), Empire State Manufacturing Survey (E: 5.0) and Industrial Production (E: -0.4%).  Broadly, markets need to see strong data to imply the U.S. economy is stabilizing and starting to re-accelerate.

But, beyond the data, U.S./China trade will remain a huge influence over stocks so any more headlines that a phase one deal is imminent will likely send stocks higher (even if there is no actual news contained in the comments).