Market Multiple Table: January Update

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Market Multiple Table – January Update: Still More Optimistic Than Fundamentals Warrant

S&P 500 futures are trading with modest losses this morning as investors digest positive economic news out of Europe ahead of Powell’s speech today.

In Europe, French Industrial Production rose 2.0% vs. (E) 0.8% in November while GS dropped their Euro-area recession call for 2023 bolstering market hopes for a soft landing.

Domestically, the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index fell to 89.8 vs. (E) 91.3 which is weighing modestly on sentiment in pre-market trading.

There are no additional economic reports in the U.S. today which will leave investors focused on any insight Fed Chair Powell offers on either the economy or monetary policy plans when he speaks in Sweden at a Riksbank symposium beginning at 9:00 a.m. ET.

Hawkish Fed speak out of Daly and Bostic is what caused stocks to reverse early gains and close lower yesterday, so if Powell strikes a hawkish tone and pushes back against the market’s latest optimism for a lower terminal rate (below 5%), that could see stocks extend yesterday’s afternoon selloff and the market give back some or all of Friday’s post-jobs report gains.

Finally, The Treasury will hold a 3-Yr Note auction at 1:00 p.m. ET that could signal the bond markets response to Powell (if he even says anything notable). A weak outcome to the auction and rising yields could amplify any hawkish money flows and result in more broad market volatility.

Tom Essaye Interviewed on Yahoo Finance on January 5th, 2023

Fed, bond market playing a ‘game of chicken,’ strategist says

Sevens Report Research Tom Essaye Founder and President joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the Fed’s policy pathway moving ahead, inflation, the state of the economy, jobs data, a recession, what investors should be watching for, and the outlook for markets. Click here to watch the full interview.

Why Friday’s Data Wasn’t As Positive As the Market Implied

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Why Friday’s Data Wasn’t As Positive As The Market Implied
  • Weekly Market Preview:  Can Inflation Fall Faster than Growth?
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet:  All About Inflation (CPI the Key Report)

Futures are modestly higher mostly on momentum from Friday’s close, following a quiet weekend of news.

Stocks rallied on Friday thanks to increasing hopes for an economic soft landing, and nothing happened over the weekend to offset that hope.

Economic data met expectations as German Industrial Production and EU Unemployment were both in-line.

Today focus will be on the NY Fed Inflation Expectations (Previous:  4.0% one-year, 3.8% three-year), and if they decline from previous levels that will be positive.  We also get one Fed speaker, Bostic (12:30 p.m. ET).

Jobs Day

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Why Yesterday’s Employment Data was Bad for Stocks and Bonds
  • Answering a Question About the Bond Market

Futures are little changed ahead of the jobs report and following mixed European economic data.

EU HICP (their CPI) was disappointing on balance as the headline rose less than expected (9.2% vs. (E) 9.5%) but the more important Core HICP gained 5.2% vs. (E) 5.0%. This report partially refutes the encouraging inflation data from earlier this week.

Today focus will be on the Jobs Report and expectations are as follows:  Job Adds 200K, UE Rate 3.7%, Wages 0.4% m/m, 5.0% y/y.  If we get another solid number above 200k, expect more weakness in stocks and bonds as that will be viewed as “hawkish” data, while a job adds number close to 100k could spark a sharp rally, given yesterday’s declines.

The jobs report isn’t the only important economic report today, however, as the ISM Services Index (E: 55.0) is released later this morning.  Markets will want to see a moderation in both the headline and prices readings.

Finally, there are three Fed speakers today:  Cook (11:15 a.m. ET), Bostic (11:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. ET), and Barkin (12:15 p.m. ET).

Three Keys to a Bottom: Update

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Three Keys to a Bottom: Update
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet – Jobs Report in Focus

U.S. equity futures have a tentative bid to start the new year today as tech stocks are outperforming amid a sharp pullback in Treasury yields.

Economically, China’s Manufacturing PMI fell to 49.0 in December from 49.4 in November while the U.K.’s Manufacturing PMI came in at 45.3 vs. (E) 44.7 last month. Both figures remained well below 50, in contraction territory, and that is seeing some of the recent hawkish central bank expectations unwind as we begin the new year.

Looking into today’s session, there are two economic reports to watch in the U.S., the Manufacturing PMI (E: 46.2) and Construction Spending (E: -0.4%).

Investors will be looking for data that points to a continued slowdown in growth but a more pronounced drop in price readings as that should help further ease hawkish policy expectations and allow the early but tentative risk-on money flows to continue.

There are no Fed officials scheduled to speak and no notable Treasury auctions today. That will leave investors focused on Treasuries as a continued drop in yields today should support a continued bid in tech stocks and equities more broadly as traders reposition into the new year.


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A Positive Scenario for 2023

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Bottom Line – There’s a Positive Scenario for 2023, Too
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet: Focus on Jobless Claims

U.S. equity futures are tracking global markets higher while the dollar is lower in risk-on trading this morning following more positive reopening news out of China.

China will end its eight day quarantine for inbound travelers on January 8th and scrapped international flight limits in the latest move away from Covid-Zero which is bolstering the outlook for global growth in the months ahead and markets are responding favorably to the news.

Today, there are three economic reports due to be released: International Trade in Goods (E: -$97.0B), Case Shiller Home Price Index (E: -1.2%), and FHFA House Price Index (E: -0.5%) but none of them should meaningfully impact the outlook for Fed policy and therefore are likely to have a limited impact on stocks.

There are no Fed speakers today but the Treasury will hold a 2-Yr Note auction at 1:00 p.m. ET. If demand is weak and yields rise following the auction, that could weigh on equities as it would be a mildly hawkish signal from the fixed-income market as we approach the end of the year.


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Tom Essaye Quoted in Barron’s on December 19th, 2022

Stocks Fall to Start the Week as Recession Worries Linger

“A lot of people are throwing in the towel on the year, for lack of a better word, and you’re seeing people sort of remove some of those hopeful year-end bullish bets,” Tom Essaye, founder of Sevens Research, told Barron’s on Monday. Click here to read the full article.

CPI Takeaways and Updated FOMC Preview

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • What Does the CPI Report Mean for Markets?
  • FOMC Preview: Post CPI Report (Encore Edition)
  • Fibonacci Retracement Levels Remain Pivotal for the S&P 500 – Chart

S&P 500 futures are little changed, notably hovering within a few points of their pre-CPI levels from yesterday as traders await the December Fed decision.

Economically, U.K. CPI favorably dropped sharply from 2.0% in October to 0.4% in November, below estimates of 0.6% in the latest sign of easing global inflation pressures.

China is moving forward with economic/Covid policy meetings this week after previously saying they would be postponed pointing to a potential reopening occurring sooner than later.

Today, there is just one economic report due early in the day: Import & Export Prices (E: -0.5%, -0.6%) but unless there is a huge surprise the numbers are not likely to have an impact on equities with the Fed looming.

Turning to the Fed, the FOMC Announcement will hit the wires at 2:00 p.m. ET with markets pricing in a high likelihood of a 50 bp hike while the market will be focused on the “dot plot.” A terminal rate of 5% or above will be viewed as hawkish and likely weigh on stocks.

Finally, Fed Chair Powell’s Press Conference is at 2:30 p.m. ET and his tone could very well decide the final direction of stocks into the close today (a stubbornly hawkish stance remains a threat to equities and other risk assets right now).

A Make of Break Week for Stocks and Bonds

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • A Make or Break Week for Stocks and Bonds
  • CPI Preview:  Good, Bad & Ugly
  • Weekly Market Preview:  Year-End Rally?
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet:  Fed Decision Wednesday and CPI Tomorrow are the key events.

Futures are slightly higher as China continues to remove COVID restrictions.  The rest of the weekend was quiet from a macroeconomic perspective.

China announced it will deactivate its COVID tracking app in the latest signal that it is gradually abandoning the “Zero COVID” policy.

Economically, reports were sparse but UK Industrial Production (0.7% vs. (E) 0.0%) and Monthly GDP (0.5% vs. (E) 0.4%) both beat expectations.

Today the economic calendar is quiet and trading should be also, as markets look ahead to the week’s key events tomorrow (CPI) and Wednesday (FOMC Decision).


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Is the VIX Broken?

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Is the VIX Broken?

Futures are modestly higher following in-line inflation readings from China and more gridlock in Washington as markets look ahead to today’s inflation readings.

Chinese CPI met expectations rising 1.6% and that benign reading will keep stimulus coming in that economy.

Politically, Arizona Senator Sinema left the Democrat party and registered as an independent, although the move is unlikely to change her voting patterns.

Today focus will be on inflation data, specifically PPI (E: 0.2% m/m, 7.2% y/y) and the University of Michigan Five Year Inflation Expectations (E: 3.0%).  If those reports come in under expectations and further hint at dis-inflation, it will extend the early rally.