Import and Export Price Analysis, September 20, 2017

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Import and Export Prices
• Import Prices rose 0.6% vs. (E) 0.4% in August
• Export Prices rose 0.6% vs. (E) 0.2% in August

A normally overlooked price report, Import and Export Prices came out yesterday and the release is worth mentioning. The headlines showed a decent upside beat in both import and export prices, which underscored the uptick in inflation we saw last week in several overseas CPI reports including China, Britain and India.

The reason this is worth pointing out is the bond market. Over the last several weeks, firming inflation overseas has become a recurring theme that has started to influence global fixed income markets, including Treasuries, pushing yields higher despite the fact that US inflation still remains very low.

Bottom line, yesterday’s Import and Export Prices report is showing the effects of both a weaker dollar, but also the fact that global inflation is beginning to edge higher.

From a macroeconomic standpoint that is encouraging for the reflation trade argument.

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