Higher Rate Playbook

Eight years ago today, Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and, in my opinion, this business hasn’t been the same since. That event, and the subsequent fallout, forever changed the way I analyze and invest in the markets, and I bet that’s true for you and your clients as well. For me, the biggest change pre-Lehman to[…]

The Market’s Bell with Special Guest Randy Frederick

Another great “The Market’s Bell” with Special Guest Randy Frederick, Charles Schwab’s Head of Trading: -Randy like “collars” on stock positions –long put/short call– ahead of several upcoming events -Argues our obsession with The Fed is totally out-of-hand -Explains why too many of us leave money on the table long-term. Get updates at – http://www.MarketsBell.com

Bond Bubble

Something potentially very important just happened with the 10-year Treasury yield. It broke a downtrend in place since the start of 2016, and if it can hold this breakout through the Bank of Japan and Fed meeting next week, it will be a strong signal that the bond bull market may be ending, and interest[…]