What Will Move Bond Markets

For the past two weeks, we’ve told you via these free excerpts that the markets were entering a critical six-week period that ultimately would decide whether the rally in stocks continues… or reverses. Well, that six-week stretch of events started with a bang last Friday as Fed Vice Chair Fischer surprised markets by basically saying[…]


Yesterday’s dip in stocks was not because of an EpiPen, regardless of what the financial media said. Yes, Hilary Clinton’s EpiPen comments did remind everyone of the healthcare induced pullback in 2015, but this time that’s largely a political distraction. By far the most important thing that happened yesterday was that we learned 8 of[…]

Bond Bubble

It’s the calm before the storm. That’s what this market feels like to me right now, because the fact is that the events of the next six weeks have the potential to either 1) Ignite an acceleration of the recent rally or 2) Cause a sharp pullback. While I admit these markets are downright dull[…]

What’s the TINA Trade?

Do you know what the TINA trade is? I ask that, because I’m pretty sure talking about the TINA trade would have just gotten me new clients, if I was a financial advisor. I just finished giving a presentation on the economy and markets to a group of business executives. While most of the presentation[…]

What is Earnings Per Share?

“It’s a good thing I’m retiring soon, because after almost 38 years in the business almost nothing makes sense in the markets anymore. So it’s a good thing I have you, who understands the way things work today.” That’s what Reed, an advisor and subscriber, wrote to me yesterday. If a guy with nearly four[…]