Fed Roadmap

When I think about what’s become of the Fed, it almost makes me sad. I’m dating myself a bit by saying this, but when I started in this business the Fed was a revered (and sometimes feared) institution. In the early 80s, “with a tear” in his eye, Volker rose interest rates and broke inflation.[…]

Chart of the Day

“I’ve Got Your Six.” You may have heard that saying – it’s a military term and it means, “I’m watching your back,” as the “six” refers to your “Six O’clock.” Here at The Sevens Report, we often say that we’ve got our subscribers’ “six,” and that’s why in today’s paid edition of the Report we[…]

Boring But Important: Italian Banks

Since the Brexit vote we’ve been focused on watching European banks, as they will tell us when potential anti-EU political contagion morphs into actual financial contagion (which would be a bearish game changer). And while far from an “all clear,” there have been a few positives for European banks last week. First, the SX7P, the[…]