What Are the Next Catalysts for the Market?

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • What Are the Next Catalysts for the Market?
  • Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet:  Jobless Claims are The Key Report This Week
  • Weekly Market Preview:  With Stimulus Done, What’s the Next Positive Catalyst?

Futures are moderately higher after President Trump signed the $900 billion dollar stimulus package.

Late Sunday night Trump signed the stimulus package as-is, avoiding a government shutdown and delivering economic stimulus to U.S. citizens.  Despite threats not to sign the bill,  markets always expected Trump to ultimately sign the legislation, so while stocks are enjoying a bounce on the news, this was already mostly priced in (so don’t expect a big rally off the news).

Economically, there were no notable reports overnight and this will be a very quiet week for economic data.

Today, with stimulus behind us and this week traditionally devoid of any major economic reports or corporate news, markets will focus on 1) COVID-19 and economic lockdown trends (both still worsening) and 2) The pace of vaccine rollout (lagging behind expectations).  Improvement in both will help fuel a rally into the new year.