Why Are Bond Yields At Multi-Month Lows?

What’s in Today’s Report:

  • Is the Market Already Warning Us On Growth?
  • Why Are Bond Yields Threatening to Breakdown?
  • When the Coronavirus will matter more to stocks

Futures are moderately lower following a generally quiet night of news.

There was no notable economic or geo-political news overnight, and the reason stocks are lower this morning is digestion of this week’s news combined with still worsening coronavirus statistics.

Coronavirus trends remained concerning as the U.S. posted a second straight day of 60k plus new cases, while coronavirus related deaths remain near six week highs, increasing the chances that we see a further pause in the economic reopening, or even the re-imposition of widespread lockdowns.

Today there’s not much scheduled news, as PPI (E: 0.4%) is the only economic report and that won’t move markets.  So, focus will remain on whether we see more economic re-openings pause given the surge in coronavirus cases.  The low on Thursday in the S&P 500 was 3,115, and that’s a level to watch today.  If that’s broken, then we could see selling pressure increase in the near term.