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Key Support in the S&P Remains Intact

The S&P 500 has held our key support level at 2328 so far this week, but that has made that zone all the more important as a violation would be interpreted by many Technical Quant-Funds and CTA Shops as bearish.  

The Sevens Report - Corporate Tax Reform Guide

Tax Cut Primer (What You Need to Know), March 28, 2017

With healthcare shelved, focus now will turn to the truly important topic for markets: Corporate tax cuts. This is an excerpt from today’s Sevens Report. You can sign up for your free trial at—everything you need to know about the markets in your inbox by 7am, in 7 minutes or less. I’ve covered this a […]

WTI Holds Key Trendline Support

WTI futures tested and held a key uptrend line for the third time in 2 weeks yesterday. And while the trendline is supportive of prices, the price action remains bearish and the odds of a break-down are rising.  

The Sevens Report, March 27, 2017

Last Week and This Week in Economics, March 27, 2017

“Last Week and This Week in Economics”—an excerpt from today’s Sevens Report: everything you need to know about the markets in your inbox by 7am, in 7 minutes or less. For all of 2017, better-than-expected economic data has helped to offset the decreased likelihood of pro-growth policies from Washington, and that continued last week as what little economic data […]


Tom Essaye on “The Bell” Podcast with Danielle Dimartino, author of FED UP

Thanks to Adam Johnson of for having me on “The Bell” podcast. This week we talked about oil, the healthcare bill, and the seemingly endless rise of stocks. We were also joined by author Danielle Dimartino, who told us a little bit about her new book FED UP, which talks about some major flaws she noticed during her […]

S&P 500 Price Action Remains Bearish for Now

The S&P has consolidated Tuesday’s selloff over the last two session as focus has been on the Healthcare vote. But technically speaking, price action will remain bearish until futures can reclaim the 2350 resistance area.