Is Dis-Inflation a Worry?

Is Dis-Inflation a Worry? Since the surprisingly weak CPI report earlier in September, there’s been a subtle but growing concern about the return of dis-inflation—not in the EU, but in the U.S.  And, recently we’ve seen a fair bit of financial media coverage detailing the fall in market inflation expectations—so I wanted to cover the[…]

Natural Gas Climbs to 10 Week High

Natural gas futures broke out above resistance on Friday and extended gains today, trading up to a 10 week high before meeting resistance at the 100 day moving average. To learn more about what is next in the natural gas market, simply sign up for a free trial on the right hand side of this page.

Your Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet

Last Week The calendar was busy, but the only numbers of any real importance last week were the flash global manufacturing PMIs. There were gives and takes, as always, but the bottom line was that they met current market expectations (and as such aren’t rocking the global macro boat). Growth remained strong in the U.S.[…]

Need to Know on China

Need to Know on China China has been in the news the last two days, specifically a WSJ article speculating that the head of the PBOC will be replaced in October. This was the main headline cited for both Wednesday’s move higher, and yesterday’s breakdown. Before getting into the market reaction, though, basically what the[…]