Your Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet – 5.27.2014

Last Week Last week was a good one for economic data, as global flash PMIs confirmed current market expectations (Chinese growth stabilizing, EU recovering slowly, U.S. recovery accelerating), and we got some welcome good news on domestic housing. The global flash PMIs were the highlight of the week, and although there was some disappointment in[…]

Update on the U.S. Equity Market

The market was still frustratingly flat, but Thursday was a bit different than the previous days this week.  Monday and Wednesday weren’t as good as the averages implied, and Tuesday wasn’t as bad. Thursday, however, was actually a bit better than the moves in the averages would make you believe because of two main reasons.[…]

Dissecting the FOMC Minutes

Fed Minutes There weren’t many surprises in the minutes, and they certainly didn’t change anyone’s outlook for Fed policy going forward.  Regarding the economy, the Fed remained cautiously optimistic. Apparently, though, the lack of a housing rebound is catching some Fed officials’ attention, so housing remains a key area to watch (reports coming out today[…]