Why the Yield Curve Matters to Your Clients

When you started in this business, did anyone sit you down and explain that watching things like the “10’s minus 2’s Spread” could help predict economic slowdowns and potentially avoid stock markets declines? Me either. I learned it the hard way – through being an execution trader and later a buy side portfolio manager through[…]

Two Ideas for this Market

“Should we get in?” That was a question a subscriber asked me on a call this morning. This subscriber (a wire-house FA), like many good advisors these days, has been frustrated by the seemingly random volatility of the market so far in 2016 and is wondering if the 2 week, 3% dip in stocks is[…]

The Next China Bubble (Chart)

Hi, Last night I was preparing dinner with my wife and she asked me why stocks are going down again, and I began to list the reasons why:  Stronger yen, commodity rally losing steam, more lack luster economic data. While I was listing the current headwinds, I just happened to be peeling an onion, and[…]