How Yesterday’s Sell Off Can Help You Outperform

Yesterday was an important day in the markets, and not just because we saw a text book reversal in most major averages. Lost in the analysis was what occurred in the bond market, and I believe it’s critically important that everyone be aware of the changes we’re seeing in that market as a result of the growing Fed “tapering” discussion. Simply put, I think the bond market offers some of the best insight into the direction of equities, and also one of the biggest potential money making trend changes we’ve seen in a long time.

To Taper or Not to Taper – that is the question, and Wednesday will be key.

The narrative surrounding the global economy didn’t really change all that much last week, despite the data being pretty disappointing. Domestically, the spike higher in weekly claims to 360k was the biggest disappointment of last week, as the decline claims of the past month was one of the better things going in the economy…