Don’t Forget About the DOW

Interestingly, the Dow was a big outperformer on the day (up .76%), and usually when that happens there is one stock that is up several percentage points that skews the average.  Interestingly, that was not the case on Monday, as the strength in the Dow was evenly spread across many of the index components (TRV,[…]

Government Waste and Taxes

  I was watching the coverage of the Republican primary results on Tuesday night, and as I was channel surfing I came across Bill O’Reilly’s talking points memo with which he opens each show. I have mixed emotions about Mr. O’Reilly—his understanding of markets and economics leaves something be desired, but generally speaking his talking[…]

Takeaway from Hawkish Fed Minutes

  The bottom line of the minutes from The Fed’s March meeting was that there is little probability of the Fed doing any additional stimulus unless the economic data weakens. In particular, this is the sentence that got markets moving: “A couple of members indicated that the initiation of additional stimulus could become necessary if[…]