A Tale of Two Trades

What’s in Today’s Report: A tale of two trades, Jobless Claims data hits fresh highs, Fear and Greed Index update, and more…

Japan’s Driving The Bus this Week – Here’s a Preview of What to Watch

Last week was obviously all about the Fed, as Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony and the Federal Open Market Committee minutes were taken as “hawkish” by the market, which led to the Wednesday reversal and the first down week for stocks in five. While pundits will debate the minutiae, the real takeaway from the Fed last week was that…

How Yesterday’s Sell Off Can Help You Outperform

Yesterday was an important day in the markets, and not just because we saw a text book reversal in most major averages. Lost in the analysis was what occurred in the bond market, and I believe it’s critically important that everyone be aware of the changes we’re seeing in that market as a result of the growing Fed “tapering” discussion. Simply put, I think the bond market offers some of the best insight into the direction of equities, and also one of the biggest potential money making trend changes we’ve seen in a long time.

Did WTI Crude just put in a triple top?

After a strong rally over the past several weeks, WTI Crude has stalled, and on the charts looks like it may have put in another “lower high.”

WWFD (What Will Fed Do) is Now the Driving Force of Markets

Last week was very quiet economically speaking, although what little data there was generally beat expectations. The majority of the data last week was internationally focused.

Boring But Important: Junk Yields Sink Below 5%

Bubbles are all about the suspension of the proper pricing of risk—and I believe we’re seeing it in the junk market. I’m not saying that junk bonds yields trading below 5% is akin to subprime loans trading where they were in the heights of the real estate bubble, but I’m just pointing out that…

Is the gold rally capped?

Gold: Since December of last year, the 23 & 30 day moving averages have capped any rally, and they look to be doing so again. $1440 is critical support at this point.