Tom Essaye Quoted in International Business Times on August 5, 2020

“The bottom line is that if we do see real disappointment in stimulus or the vaccine, then a 10%…” said Tom Essaye of The Sevens Report, in a note.

It’s Not Just About Europe and the Long Bond

It’s Not Just About Europe and the Long Bond We focus predominantly on the long end of the curve here because that’s where I see the biggest money-making opportunity given the ETFs we have access to.  But, watching the entire yield curve is important in gauging the overall trend of bonds. To that end, I […]

The S&P 500 Has Now Totally Retraced the Pre-FOMC Rally

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“Death” Cross in the Russell 2000

  That’s not good – the Russell 2000 50 day MA just crossed the 200 to the downside.

Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet

Last Week There were plenty of economic reports last week (and they were in aggregate slightly weaker than expected) but the real focus was on the FOMC. While the Fed’s “hawks” seem to be gaining strength, the takeaway is that the expectations for policy remain unchanged. Starting with the Fed, you know by now that […]

The Reason Why the Fed was Hawkish Yesterday

Bad Is Good in Europe

Bad is Good in Europe This morning the ECB released it’s first tranche of TLTRO funding, and it flopped, badly.  Takedown by banks of the offer was just 82.6 billion euro, a little over half of the 150 billion that was expected. But, this low figure is seen as only further increasing the likelihood that […]