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Tom Essaye Quoted in Barron’s on August 11, 2020

”In a televised meeting, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, stated that Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute successfully developed a ‘safe and effective’…” writes The Sevens Reports Tom Essaye

Jobs Report

What to Expect in Tomorrow’s Jobs Report. March 9, 2017

Jobs Report Preview: For notable releases like tomorrow’s jobs report, the Sevens Report offers a “Goldilocks” outlook to give a few different scenarios: too hot, too cold, and just right. This gives our subscribers clear talking points to explain the importance of the report to clients and prospects clearly and without a lot of jargon. As always, […]

Oil’s Huge Selloff: Chart

After trending sideways for roughly two-and-a-half months, oil prices finally broke down out of their recent trading ranges yesterday, and in a big way with 5% drops in both WTI and Brent.  

How Does Trump’s Approval Rating Impact The Stock Market? March 8, 2017

Leading Indicator Update: Showing Signs of Fatigue An excerpt from today’s Sevens Report… Skip the jargon, arcane details and drab statistics, and get the simple analysis that will improve your performance. At the start of the year, I said that beyond the normal economic data and fund flow data, we’ll be watching two other specific leading […]

Senate in Session

Senate Math Primer. March 7, 2017

Senate Math Primer from the Sevens Report: One of the easiest ways to cut through the seemingly unending amount of political noise in the markets is to focus on the fact that there are only two important questions that need to be answered. Will Republicans agree on border adjustments and a corporate tax cut? Can […]

How Many Rate Hikes in 2017? Last Week and This Week: March 5, 2017

The Economics excerpt from today’s Sevens Report, which focuses on the most important financial news and takeaways for investors, financial advisors, and CPA’s, last week and this week. Last Week: The major takeaway from the economic data and Fed speak last week is that because of continued strong data and hawkish Fed speak, a March rate hike […]

If A Rate Hike Is Expected, Why Aren’t Rates and the Dollar Higher? March 3, 2017

Get the simple talking points you need to impress clients and prospects from the Sevens Report. Here is an excerpt from today’s full report. If A Rate Hike Is Expected, Why Aren’t Rates and the Dollar Higher?  That’s a fair question to ask, given two weeks ago there was no expectation of a May rate […]