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Macro Outlook: Better, But Is It This Good?

What’s in today’s report: Macro outlook update, weekly market preview, weekly economic cheat sheet, the Chinese Ministry of Finance called last week’s talks “constructive” and more…

The Reason Why the Fed was Hawkish Yesterday

Bad Is Good in Europe

Bad is Good in Europe This morning the ECB released it’s first tranche of TLTRO funding, and it flopped, badly.  Takedown by banks of the offer was just 82.6 billion euro, a little over half of the 150 billion that was expected. But, this low figure is seen as only further increasing the likelihood that […]

How I Know Scotland Isn’t Leaving the UK

Scotland:  The Only Poll We Need to Watch There are all sorts of conflicting polls regarding whether the Scots will vote “yes” for independence or “no.”  But, I’ve learned over the years that the best way to get a gauge on these types of geo-political events is to follow the money.  InTrade used to be […]

The Fed’s Perception Problem (and why it’s Hawkish)

The Fed’s Perception Problem (and why it’s Hawkish) If the FOMC does indeed become incrementally more “hawkish” today, it’ll likely be because of the growing fear among Fed officials that the market views the Fed as simply being too “dovish.” We’ve heard several Fed presidents reference this, and last week there was a San Francisco […]

North American Drilling Ltd. (NADL), Buying Opportunity?

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Tom Essaye Discussing The Bond Decline in CNBC Closing Bell 9.15.14

Click the link below to see Tom Essaye discussing the decline in bonds with hosts Bill Griffeth and Kelly Evans.