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Tom Essaye Quoted in MoneyWeek on June 14, 2019

“You had a market that became very pessimistic and then all of a sudden we had the Fed’s dovish rhetoric and no…” says Tom Essaye.

Bearish Reversal in the Healthcare Sector

Short Opportunity in the Aussie Dollar

The Aussie rallied as a result of the GDP report printing a touch better than expected at 0.8% vs. (E) 0.6% m/m and 2.8% vs. (E) 2.3% y/y. And, that rally is continuing this morning thanks to strong Australian export and retail sales data.  Aussie has now traded through the .90 level versus the dollar, […]

Bank Stocks Remain a Great Value at Current Levels

I would continue to look to under-performers that have bottomed out and can play catch-up if the U.S. and global economy continues to gradually grow:  banks via KBE, retailers via RTH, industrials (the Dow remains well off the highs) via DIA, and global miners via PICK.

The Economy: A Look Back and What’s Ahead (3.3.14)

Economic data was better-than-expected last week and helped further break the previously relentless string of “misses” versus expectations. And, although economic data was somewhat overshadowed last week by events in the Ukraine and as investors looked ahead to the critical week of data looming, there were some important anecdotal releases that imply the drop-off in economic data we saw in December/January is leveling off. That helped stocks rally to new all-time highs.

Looking to Get Long Natural Gas? Now May Be Your Chance.

The froth seems to have come out of the natural gas market now that the futures have fallen over 30% since hitting new highs earlier this week. Yesterday, natural gas was down just 0.9% (compared to the multiple 10%+ moves the market has seen this month). Yesterday was inventory day, and the EIA reported that […]