NY Stock Exchange

Are There New Tailwinds for Stocks?

What’s in today’s report: Are there new tailwinds for stocks? Weekly Economic Cheat Sheet, U.S. equity futures are trading higher, Novavax was the latest company to begin human testing for its coronavirus vaccine and more…

The Economy: A Look Back and What’s Ahead

With the drama in Washington successfully postponed, focus last week turned to the question of “How much damage has the shutdown and drama done to the economy?”

Is Crude Oil Forecasting an Economic Slowdown?

Current Economic Overview and Three Key Questions Facing the Market

Although last week was dominated by the temporary resolution in Washington, there were two important takeaways from the domestic and global economic data that was released.

The Economy: A Look Back and What’s Ahead

The ongoing government shutdown delayed several pieces of data last week, so weekly jobless claims and the Federal Open Market Committee minutes were the only two reports released…