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About 7:00′s Report

The 7:00’s Report, pronounced “The Seven’s Report”, is a daily investment research note that provides “need to know” analysis of markets, economics, and geo-politics, and is distributed to subscribers by 7:00 AM each morning, and is readable in 7 minutes or less.

The 7:00’s Report was created by former New York Stock Exchange trader Tom Essaye to help financial professionals and self-directed investors eliminate the information overload they face daily, and to provide comprehensive, essential and succinct macro-economic analysis and daily coverage of all markets:

The goal of The 7:00’s Report is simple: Inform and enrich subscribers each day in the shortest possible time, so they have the information and ideas they need to make more profitable investments. Subscribers to The 7:00’s Report include financial advisors from major bulge bracket firms, RIA’s, multi-billion dollar asset management companies, hedge funds, as well as self-directed investors.

Why Subscribe?

Financial professionals subscribe because The 7:00’s Report helps them be more knowledgeable across all markets in a minimal amount of time, so they can better service their current clients, and have the time to find new ones.

Self-directed investors subscribe because they receive independent, institutional quality research and insight on the markets, alerting them to what’s driving markets in the short term, while at the same time alerting them to major investment trends and opportunities that offer truly substantial return potential.

Our Goal

Mr. Essaye recognized that the marketplace was in need of a concise, affordable daily publication that, like a professional trader’s morning note, covers only what’s truly important in the markets, what it means, and provides actionable insight on that information. It was from this realization, and many months of research and planning, that The 7:00’s Report was born.

The 7:00’s Report provides you the insight and analysis that you can use to give you a leg up on the competition and the markets—and the best part is it takes less time to read each day than a stop for coffee at the local Starbucks.

If your goals include being better informed, speaking with more authority to clients, and, of course, having the knowledge necessary to make more money, then I invite you to try a risk free two week trial of the Report so you can see what has made The 7:00’s Report a must have morning read for market professionals and successful self-directed investors.